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Keith Griffin

Flood Victims Could Fall Prey To Unscrupulous Dealers

By October 31, 2012

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Fortunately my family and I have weathered Hurricane Sandy pretty well. We only suffered the inconvenience of less than two days without power. Others have not been so fortunate.

Unfortunately, those who have not been fortunate may be preyed upon again when it comes time to replace used cars that have been destroyed by falling limbs or flood damage. Unscrupulous used car dealers may take advantage of these victims who are anxious to replaced their cars, which for most folks are their only means of transportation.

That's why I wrote an article on how used car flood victims could be scammed. As I have said before, most used car dealers are not dishonest. Most work very hard to earn an honest buck.

But there are others in the field who are going to come at flood victims under the guise of helping them. Special deals will be offered for people who lost their cars because of Hurricane Sandy and need to replace them fast.

It just reminds me of a bit of travel advice I read once. Pickpockets in some cities hang signs at train stations and bus stations saying, "Beware of pickpockets." Some travelers instinctively pat their wallets to make sure they are safe. That tells pickpockets exactly where the wallet is.

Some flood victims are going to have their pockets picked. They will get special mailers. They will walk into dealerships and say, "I'm a flood victim." It's just like handing your wallet to a pickpocket.

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