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Buying a Used Car with a Recall Notice - Used Cars - About.com
That is approximately 3% of used cars sold annually. It seems important to offer advice on buying a used car with a recall notice in light of that statistic.
Buying a Used Toyota That Has Been Recalled - Used Cars - About ...
The mainstream media was beside itself in the winter of 2009-2010 and even into the spring of 2010 with the news of the major recalls Toyota underwent. At the ...
More GM Recalls Troubling for Used Car Buyers - Used Cars
In 2014 alone, according to its own figures, GM has recalled almost 26.5 million used cars and trucks in the United States. Overall, in North America, it has ...
Recall of Volkswagen Jetta, Golf, and Jetta ... - Used Cars
Volkswagen is conducting a voluntary safety recall on approximately 159884 ... It could affect used car buying with potential deals for savvy consumers.
Facts About Auto Recalls and Service Bulletins, How they Differ
Manufacturers do a pretty good job of monitoring current owners of recalled autos , so don't be surprised if you receive a notice after buying a used vehicle.
Sticking Accelerators in Toyotas - Used Cars - About.com
The issue of sticking accelerators in Toyota cars and trucks is a nightmare for Toyota but ... Top Questions about Selling & Buying Used Toyotas During a Recall.
GM Issues Massive Recall for 1.3 Million Vehicles - Used Cars
That's a prime market for used car buyers. According to the official GM announcement, "General Motors is expanding the recall of certain 2003-2007 model year ...
Questions Windstar Owners Have About the Recall - Used Cars
The ongoing saga of the Ford Windstar recall has people confused, angry and ... if financed through Ford Credit) or $500 for the purchase of a used car from a ...
Honda Subject To Many Recalls for Its Used Vehicles - Used Cars
Honda Subject To Many Recalls for Its Used Vehicles. Make Sure Work Is Done Before Buying a Used Honda. By Keith Griffin · Used Cars Expert. Share this.
How the Ford Windstar Recall Has Affected Owners - Used Cars
It's not our fault the axel was defective and now the van is under another recall. We want KBB value so we can purchase another car. We even went to a Ford ...
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