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Buying a Used Car with a Recall Notice - Used Cars - About.com
At least 1.4 million used cars that were recalled but not repaired were for sale in 2009. That is approximately 3% of used cars sold annually. It seems important to  ...
Buying a Used Toyota That Has Been Recalled - Used Cars - About ...
The mainstream media was beside itself in the winter of 2009-2010 and even into the spring of 2010 with the news of the major recalls Toyota underwent. At the ...
Recall of Volkswagen Jetta, Golf, and Jetta ... - Used Cars
Volkswagen is conducting a voluntary safety recall on approximately 159884 ... It could affect used car buying with potential deals for savvy consumers.
Questions Windstar Owners Have About the Recall - Used Cars
The ongoing saga of the Ford Windstar recall has people confused, angry and ... if financed through Ford Credit) or $500 for the purchase of a used car from a ...
Sticking Accelerators in Toyotas - Used Cars - About.com
The issue of sticking accelerators in Toyota cars and trucks is a nightmare for Toyota but ... Top Questions about Selling & Buying Used Toyotas During a Recall.
Is It the Right Time To Buy a Used GM? - Used Cars - About.com
The news has been full lately about the recall of GM used cars for a variety of reasons, including the latest recall for about 2.42 million vehicles in four separate  ...
GM Issues Massive Recall for 1.3 Million Vehicles - Used Cars
That's a prime market for used car buyers. According to the official GM announcement, "General Motors is expanding the recall of certain 2003-2007 model year ...
Honda Subject To Many Recalls for Its Used Vehicles - Used Cars
However, recalls in and of themselves are not necessarily bad things. As I have outlined before, buying a recalled cars to get fixed and that means 1.4 million of ...
Facts About Auto Recalls and Service Bulletins, How they Differ
Manufacturers do a pretty good job of monitoring current owners of recalled autos , so don't be surprised if you receive a notice after buying a used vehicle.
Honda Announces Pilot, Odyssey Recalls - Used Cars - About.com
Normally, I advise that it's OK to buy a used car subject to recall even if the work hasn't been done. It can be a negotiating tactic to get a reduced price if the work ...
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