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Top 10 Tips for Buying Certified Pre-Owned - Used Cars - About.com
Certified pre-owned used cars are becoming more and more popular as Americans increasingly need to replace their older used cars but may not be ready to ...
Cautionary Tale About Buying Certified Pre-Owned - Used Cars
There's a good precautionary tale via GMInsideNews.com about buying a certified pre-owned used car that paints a valuable lesson for anybody in the market ...
Understanding Certified Pre-Owned Cars - Used Cars - About.com
Car dealers sell certified pre-owned used cars as vehicles with peace of mind ... Once you buy certified pre-owned, the thinking goes, you'll come back for a new ...
Best Certified Pre-Owned Programs for 2011 - Used Cars - About.com
IntelliChoice Ranks Best Popular and Premium Certified Pre-Owned Programs ... Hyundai customers were trading in old Hyundais and buying new models.
Certified Pre-Owned Used Cars Advice - About.com
I will explain what certified pre-owned means, what the different companies offer, and what the pros and cons are to buying certified pre-owned, and link you to ...
Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles Not Always a Great Bargain - Used Cars
A Volkswagen dealer cannot sell a certified pre-owned Saab. Only a Saab dealer can sell certified pre-owned Saabs. Otherwise, a consumer is buying an ...
Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Used Car through Costco - Used Cars
Before proceeding further, it's important to define what a factory-certified pre- owned vehicle is and why it's important only to buy one. It's a vehicle that has been ...
Certified Pre-Owned Works for Used Car Dealers - Used Cars
Certified pre-owned used cars are profitable for dealers but not always for used car buyers. Understand what you are getting into before paying more.
Audi Certified Pre-Owned - Used Cars - About.com
Before buying a certified pre-owned vehicle, check out this review of the certified pre-owned program offered by Audi. It explains the warranty program for the ...
Service Department May Be Best Place to Buy a Certified Pre ...
The best place to find a certified pre-owned used car or sell a late-model used car might be at a dealership's service department.
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