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How to Fairly Value Your Used Car Step by Step
It's exciting to buy a car, new or used, but it can be stressful getting rid of your ... You can set an accurate value for your used car without being honest about its ...
Setting Values for Used Cars - About.com
CNW Market Research does a good job monthly taking a look at the used car marketplace. Its information is a valuable source of where used car buyers might  ...
Setting a Private Party Price for Your Used Car
Once you've classified your car and come up with a price, add at least 10% to it. This is going to be your wiggle room. Now that you know what your car is worth, ...
Residual Values Help Determine Used Car Prices - Used Cars
Residual values on new cars are important to the used car market for both sellers ... heart set on a particular model (as people often do when buying a used car).
Setting a Retail Price - Used Cars - About.com
Remember that certified pre-owned vehicles are only worth a premium price when certified by the manufacturer. Otherwise, the certification is meaningless as  ...
How To Value Your Trade-In - Used Cars - About.com
There's no exact science to setting a used car value. While objective data can determine a car's value, even websites have some subjective tuning in their prices, ...
How to Fairly Define the Condition of Your Used Car - Used Cars
Before you can determine your car's value, you have to define its condition. Be honest with yourself and follow these guidelines.
Five "trick" car dealership questions -- and how to answer them
You should also consider shopping for a loan before you buy your car. ... matters and gives the unscrupulous dealer yet another set of numbers to manipulate. Remember, the value of your old car isn't going to change in the time it takes you to ...
Determining the Right Value for Your Used Car
Pricing a used car for sale can be tricky. Here are some tips and resources to ensure you won't cheat yourself out of money.
How to Sell a Used Car - Prep, Market and Best Practices - Used Cars
There is a lot that goes into selling a used car. ... These simple tips can add a lot of value to your used car for little or no cost. ... Setting a Private Party Price
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