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Used Cars - Better to Sell or Trade In?
By the way, there is no definitive right or wrong answer, which is why I developed these questions for you to figure out if you should sell or trade in your used car.
How to Fairly Value Your Used Car Step by Step
It's exciting to buy a car, new or used, but it can be stressful getting rid of your current one. That's why most people take the path of least resistance and trade ...
Prepping a Used Car for Sale - Sell a Used Car Like a House
Here are some fast tips that will get you optimal value for your used car. The advice works whether ... Prepping a Used Car for Sale or Trade In. By Keith Griffin.
Should You Trade in Your Old Car? - Buying Advice - About.com Cars
Consult a used-car pricing site such as Kelley Blue Book to get a ballpark value for your car. KBB shows three values: Trade-in, private party , and retail.
Sell a Used Car - Trade In a Used Car - Best Price for a Used Car
Here's the age-old dilemma when buying a new (to you) car: sell a used car or trade in a used car for the best price for a used car (and don't forget donating to ...
Setting a Private Party Price for Your Used Car
A private party sale, if your used car is valued correctly, is always going to get you more than what a dealer offers you in trade-in. However, you do have to to ...
Used Cars - Make the Interior Sparkling of a Used Car
Prepping a Used Car for Sale or Trade In. By Keith ... Get Your Used Car's Interior Sparkling ... OK, so you haven't planned your used car's sale far in advance.
How to Sell a Used Car - Prep, Market and Best Practices - Used Cars
Is it really best to sell your used car or do you want to trade it in? Don't worry. Nothing you have done to this point will have diminished the value of your trade- in.
Craigslist Used Car Scam - Dealers Posing as Private Sellers
Dealers are selling cars as private individuals so they don't have to comply with used car rules established by the Federal Trade Commission for used car ...
Determining the Right Value for Your Used Car
Pricing a used car for sale can be tricky. ... How To Fairly Value Your Used Car ... Both will tell you the car's trade-in worth, its private sale value and how much ...
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