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Illinois Salvage Title Laws

Illinois Protection Against Hurricane Camaged Vehicles


Illinois Salvage Title Laws

Flooded cars like this one result in salvage titles and potential problems for used car buyers.

Photo © Getty Images

Hurricane-Damaged Vehicles

Illinois has also been active on vehicles that may have been damaged after the hurricanes of 2005. According to the Illinois Secretary of State, "All vehicles seeking a clean Illinois Certificate of Title using a surrender title from Louisiana, Alabama or Mississippi" have to go through a strict procedure including being cleared through the National Insurance Crime Bureau database.

Here is what Illinois says:

  • If the vehicle is not in that database, the application will be further reviewed to determine if it was registered in a flood county.
  • If the vehicle appears in the NICB database, the vehicle will be issued an Illinois Flood Title only (regardless of whether or not a branding appears on the surrender title).
  • If the vehicle is not in the NICB database but was registered in a flood county, a Hurricane Disclosure Statement must be completed in order to obtain a clean Illinois title. This statement must be signed by the registered owner and insurance agent at the time of the hurricane. Any applicant unable or unwilling to supply the signed form will receive an Illinois Flood Title only (regardless of whether or not a branding appears on the surrender title).
  • Vehicles with clean surrender titles from these states that do not appear in the NICB database and were not registered in a flood county will receive clean Illinois titles.
  • Vehicles coming to Illinois with a title branded from one of these states will be treated the same as previous policy and receive a similar Illinois branding.

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