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Saturn Relay Not a Good Used Minivan

Honda, Chrysler, Toyota All Offer Better Used Minivans


The closing of Saturn by GM means all you can buy is a used Saturn because no new ones are being made. So, here's a look at good and bad used Saturns.
Saturn Relay Not a Good Used Minivan

The Saturn Relay was never among the top contenders in the minivan market. Spare yourself the trouble of even considering one.

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Relay – Saturn’s minivan has two major things going against it. It’s a Saturn and it’s a minivan. Unless you are Honda, Toyota or Chrysler, you really have nothing to offer when it comes to the minivan game, which is why Ford abandoned the business many years ago. I give the Relay a hearty thumbs down. Avoid it like the Black Plague because Consumer Reports gives it the Black Circle of Death when it comes to reliability – and the stats seem to back it up.

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