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Paying for Used Cars with Your Head – Not Your Heart

Paying for used cars is not like new car financing. Interest rates are higher and loan terms are shorter but your credit doesn’t have to be perfect to get behind the wheel of a used car. I will get you the right information to decide among paying cash, bank loans, credit union loans, Internet loans, leasing, and more.

Where To Buy a Used Green Car
Best locations for buying used hybrids and used electric cars

Habits That Could Hurt Your Used Car Loan
There's a new study out by TransUnion that pinpoints which customers are more likely to default on their used car loans when they have sub-prime financing. It comes down to either paying your minimum monthly credit card bill or making subprime car payments.

June 2013 Used Car Sales Show Robust Market
Art Spinella of CNW Market Research has summed up used car sales in June. His research proves there are more used car shoppers in the market but used car prices continue to drop while used car inventory keeps increasing.

Used Cars for Sub-Prime Buyers
Top 10 lists are popular among news outlets because they are an easy way to create a story. But they can also be helpful sources of information for used car buyers, especially sub-prime buyers looking for transportation they can afford.

It's Prime Time for Tax Refund Used Car Buying
It's prime time for used car buyers who are anticipating tax refunds to buy a newer used vehicle. Used car dealers are waiting for you.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Advice on Used Car Loans
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is out with advice that calls for consumers to directly get their used car financing straight from lenders and not go through dealerships because in most cases they're going to pay more.

A Primer on Buy Here Pay Here Dealers
As 2013 approaches, a new law takes effect in California that strongly regulates how Buy Here Pay Here dealers can operate, including restrictions on how quickly used cars can be repossessed and how loans can be repaid. Here's a primer on Buy Here Pay Here dealers and what you might expect.

New Report Pains Unflattering Picture of Used Car Loans
The Center for Responsible Lending is out with its State of Lending report that demonstrates predatory lending practices are costing used car consumers billions of dollars a year in auto-loan interest rate markups.

CNW Research Updates November Used Car Research
CNW Research of Oregon, run by Art Spinella, continues to be a great source of information for the used car industry with some great research. Probably the most interesting tidbit this month is the fact that more emotional buyers are returning to the marketplace.

Used Car Prices Continue To Drop
Remember how the old radio DJs used to say, "The hits just keep coming"? Well, the used car business is now saying "The dips just keep on coming." The dips in this case are used car prices and smart consumers are going to take advantage.

What To Expect from Buy Here Pay Here Dealers
If you're interested in getting a loan from a Buy-Here, Pay-Here dealer for your next used car, let me explain what you can expect.

Beware the Balloon Loan for Used Car Financing
There's a disturbing new trend in the used car financing business called balloon loans that are good for the lender and not that great for the used car buyer.

Use Your Tax Refund To Buy a Used Car
Tax season is upon us and so are tax refunds for those who don't plan well and have too much withheld by the government annually. A survey shows a lot of folks may use their tax refund to buy a new or used car.

Good or Bad Credit Now a Good Time To Buy a Used Car
The first quarter of 2012 is shaping up to be a good one for people with both bad and good credit who are looking to buy a used car. The ever-improving credit situation is shaping the used car buying place and buyers ability to buy a used car.

Advice on Buying a $1000 Used Car
There was an article in my hometown newspaper on an 18-year old woman who felt she got ripped for buying a used car for $1000 and then discovering it had major mechanical problems, which is why I offer advice on buying a $1000 used car. I don’t want you to feel ripped off

Advice on Buying a $1000 Used Car
There was an article in my hometown newspaper on an 18-year old woman who felt she got ripped for buying a used car for $1000 and then discovering it had major mechanical problems, which is why I offer advice on buying a $1000 used car. I dont want you to feel ripped off

Cost of Ownership Award Good Guide for Buying Used
KBB.com, which is part of the Kelley Blue Book empire, has issued its 2012 model year cost of ownership awards. While the information focuses on new cars, you can used this list as a good guide for buying used.

Figure Out a Used Car's Environmental Footprint
The Department of Energy's vehicle cost calculator is an excellent to way to check the environmental impact of a used car you want to buy. It's also going to help you easily compare used cars to see which is the most environmental and/or economical and have the best environmental footprint.

Questions About CarPriceGraph.com
CarPriceGraph.com is a website that does an interesting job of demonstrating, in graph form, used cars for sale in 32 markets across the United States. It's easy to shop for a specific used car without having to wade through a lot of website clutter.

Ten Reasons To Buy a Used Truck or SUV Now
Looking for a used car in the wake of higher fuel prices? You may want to consider these ten reasons to buy a used truck or SUV because the fall of 2011 is a good time to buy them because of things like higher fuel prices and reduced demand.

Summer of 2011 a Good Time To Buy a Used Car
Forget all the misinformation you have been reading in the mainstream media, the summer of 2011 is a good time to buy a used car.

Five Best Used Cars for Single Parents
Single parents are in a unique place when it comes to their used cars. They want a used car that serves their needs as parents and single people.

Top 5 Tips for Buying a Used Car in 2009
There has been a lot written on this site about what you need to do to buy a used car. This piece, though, will tell you the top 5 tips for buying a used car in 2009 regardless of your credit situation. Plus, I’m going to tell you a class of used car to avoid. These are difficult economic times so it makes sense to have updated info – and not advice published in 2005 when the living was easier.

Credit Unions Good for Auto Loans
Less than one in five used car loans are made from credit unions, which is surprising because they can be a great source of low-cost loans because they can offer competitive financing rates to their members versus other financial institutions.

Used Diesel Vehicle the Right Choice?
When it comes to new cars, it's a legitimate question to ponder if a diesel car, SUV or pickup makes sense but a used diesel car may be the right choice based on a new study from the University of Michigan.

Used Pickup Truck Market Shifting Based on Demand
The used pickup truck market has been trending fairly strong in 2013 and all indicators are it's for the same reason as the new pickup truck market: contractors are making up a larger segment of the market.

May 2013 Used Car Figures Show Increasing Sales
CNW Market Research continues to be the number one source of used car information for the About.com Used Car website. Its May 2013 report on statistics from the used car universe paint a picture of falling prices amidst higher sales.

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