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Five Best Used Cars for Single Parents


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Nissan Altima a Best Used Car for Single Parents
Five Best Used Cars for Single Parents

The used Nissan Altima has always been a bit of a sleeper that is overshadowed by the Accord and the Camry. Don't get hung up on those name plates. It's a great used car alternative for single parents.

Photo © Nissan

Much like the non-custodial parent who makes child support payments on time, the Nissan Altima is one of the most underappreciated used cars on the road and that makes it perfect for single parents in search of a used car.

Ever wonder why you see so many used Nissan Altimas on the road? It's because they are very functional.

The Nissan Altima is great for a single parent with two kids because:

  • It is available in a four-cylinder model that produces good horsepower and will never let you down performance wise. It makes no sense to get the V-6 version.
  • It is fuel efficient at 23-mpg city and 31-mpg highway. Anything approaching 25-mpg city is great in a big sedan.
  • It offers a lot of trunk space (with a wide opening) for tucking away all you need to carry when the kids come to visit.
  • The styling has not changed much since 2002 so you can buy an older model and not look dated.

Consumer Reports gives the Nissan Altima good ratings from 2002 on. The only year you might want to stay clear of is 2005 where there appears to be problems with the electrical and fuel systems.

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