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Five Best Used Cars for Single Parents


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Ford Five Hundred a Great Used Car for Single Parents
Five Best Used Cars for Single Parents

The 2006 Limited Ford Five Hundred four-door sedan with all-wheel drive has a gold ranking (the highest) from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which helps make it a great car for single parents.

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Between the classic Ford Taurus and the new Ford Taurus is this oddly named sedan, the Ford Five Hundred. Single parents in cold weather climes are going to want to pick up the used model with all-wheel drive.

Also, the Ford Five Hundred is largely ignored by the buying public who got hung up on its name and perceived lack of power. There's no problem with performance at 203 horsepower.

The Ford Five Hundred is great for a single parent with two kids because:

  • It has a HUGE trunk. When it was first introduced, Ford said it could hold up to eight sets of golf clubs. Sure, kids travel with lots of stuff, but not eight golf clubs worth - at least one would hope not.
  • It is barely fuel efficient around town at 19-mpg city but respectable at 26 mpg on the highway. That's because it only comes in a V-6 version.
  • This is an amazingly comfortable car to drive. Some call it underpowered but that's not tight. It has the oomph to move a family of four down the road.
  • The styling was bland but nothing offensive. It's so anonymous that it has proven popular with police department supervisors for blending in.

Consumer Reports gives the Ford Five Hundred good ratings for 2005 to 2007, the years it was produced. It's a CR recommended used car.

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