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How to Prepare a Used Car for Sale


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How to Prepare a Used Car for Sale

A nice 1980 Porsche SC before preparation

Michael C. Harley for About.com

“Preparing” a used car for sale is the process of getting it ready to be placed on the market and sold. Similar to the way you would prepare your car for a road trip (check the fluids, tire pressures, and wash the windows), there is a proper way to prepare your used car to be sold.

Follow these simple guidelines, and your used car:

  • Will be easier to advertise
  • Will sell more quickly
  • Will have an smoother sales transaction
  • Will command a higher resale value

The benefits are many, and the drawbacks (just a couple hours of time) are few. In fact, properly preparing a vehicle for sale is really quite simple.

Think Like a Buyer

Put yourself in the buyer's position. There are three things you look for in a used car:

  • A car that has been cared for
  • A car that is well maintained
  • A car that has been serviced at regular intervals.

The best way to make the impression that you have met these requirements to the prospective buyer is to present a clean vehicle with the original keys, owner’s manuals, and complete maintenance and service documentation.

We will outline a several step process that includes collecting the keys, owner's manual, maintenance, and service records. Lastly, we discuss the points on washing and detailing the used car.

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