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How to Make Your Used Car Attractive to Prospective Buyers

For most of us, our used car is the most expensive thing we’ll ever try to sell. Let’s get the most value for you by showing you how to make your used car attractive to prospective buyers, how to document your used car, getting it checked from top to bottom, and even showing you how to fix blemishes.

10 Best Technologies for Selling a Used Car
There are 10 technologies to make your used car more appealing to used car buyers. Adding them is going to help increase the price of your used car.

Americans Have Love Affairs with Used Cars
It's February and men's thoughts turn to love – a love of their used cars it turns out, according to recent polling from the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers' Auto Index that confirms what many of us suspected: Americans love their cars.

Buy the Right Color Used Car
Buying a used car can be a major expense so it's wise to make a smart investment and buy a used car that will have a strong resale value. Here's one most people don't think of: make sure it's the right color.

Don’t Sell Your Used Car Illegally – It Could Get Ticketed or Towed
When it comes time to sell your used car, one option you need to be leery of is posting a “For Sale” sign in your used car. In some parts of the country, that could get cost you a ticket – or, even worse – your car could be towed. It’s a problem in Wisconsin and Virginia. Let me know if it’s happening where you live.

Process for Preparing a Used Car for Sale
Taking these simple steps to prepare your used car for sale could result in financial dividends whether you're selling your car or trading it in.

Reader’s Digest Tips for a Clean Car
OK, I’ll admit it. I’m a huge Reader’s Digest fan and not just because Laughter’s the Best Medicine. I think there can be some good practical advice within the pages – and now on its web pages. This article has lots of photos and product recommendations.

Clean it With Clay
This article from Motor Trend has a fascinating suggestion for hard-to-remove bonded or embedded contaminants, such as tree sap, overspray, or industrial fall out: detailing clay. It has other good advice, too.

Get the Engine Clean
It does a good job of explaining how to clean your engine without injuring yourself or the engine. A friend had this done badly and her car never ran the same again.

Snap Some Good Pictures
It’s a digital world out there when it comes to selling your car. Make sure yours stands out from all the others by posting good images with your ad.

Five Tips for Selling Your Used Car in Winter
Five tips for preparing your used car for sale in the winter.

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