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Top 10 Selling Used Cars of 2011

List of Top Selling Used Cars Dominated by Veteran Models


Top 10 Selling Used Cars of 2011

Few sedans are going to offer you less trouble than a used Honda Accord, which explains its popularity as the number one sold used car.

Photo © Honda

Probably the secret to being among the top 10 selling used cars of 2011 is longevity. Cars and pickups - and the list is exclusively cars and pickups - have been on the market in most cases for at least 20 years.

According to Edmunds.com, the following cars and pickups comprise the top 10 selling used cars for 2011. There might be some debate over the Chevrolet Impala, but the rest are good, hard working transportation that most people would be pleased to be seen driving (a category that could include the Impala.

  1. Honda Accord
  2. Ford F-150
  3. Toyota Camry
  4. Chevrolet Silverado 1500
  5. Honda Civic
  6. Toyota Corolla
  7. Nissan Altima
  8. Chevrolet Impala
  9. Dodge Ram Pickup 1500
  10. BMW 3 Series

Here's a breakdown of each model and whether you might want to put it on your used car shopping list. Keep in mind that vehicles this popular are going to be more difficult to get bargains. You're going to find a lot of them in the used car classifieds but you're probably not going to be able to find much of a deal.

As always, before purchasing any used car make sure you run a complete vehicle history report and have a complete used car inspection done. The former is an important step but the latter is vital to driving a used car you can be comfortable with for years to come.

One last tip - with any of these used cars you are almost always going to see them sold as certified pre-owned if they are less than three years old. Frankly, I'd be surprised if you could find a quality, three-year old version of any of these used cars or used pickups that aren't certified pre-owned.

Honda Accord

Midsize to full size sedan (depending on model year purchased) that has been an ongoing success for Honda ever since it was introduced back in 1976. The Honda Accord is consistently on Consumer Reports Most Recommended list for a good reason. It's simply great transportation that rarely disappoints.

Ford F-150

The top-selling new pickup consistently, it only makes sense this would be the top-selling used pickup truck consistently. The Ford F-150 comes in so many variants there is literally a truck for every need. It's just a beautiful truck that manages to outsell Chevy year after year.

Toyota Camry

What can you say about one of the most boring sedans on the market except "Bland is beautiful"? This is a no-nonsense midsize sedan that really gets the middle of the road right - and that's not a bad place to be when it comes to good, solid transportation. Sure, Toyota has had it woes in recent years but do a little snooping around and you'll easily find a trouble-free Toyota Camry that you like.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Trucks aren't my specialty, which is why I defer to the expertise of About.com's resident pickup truck expert Dale Wickell to provide you with the lowdown on the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 He's one of the best when it comes to pickups.

Honda Civic

I've owned a used Honda Civic that I would still have until this day if somebody hadn't offered me cash for it at the right time. The ride of my Honda Civic was continuously fantastic and it was more than 11 years old at the time. I did all the right preventive maintenance and felt this car could have lasted until it was at least 20 years old (it was a 1995).

Toyota Corolla

This is the little car that could. This compact has hung on and served Toyota well since first being introduced on these shores in the 1880s. OK, it just seems that long. It was actually first sold in the U.S. since 1968 when man first walked on the moon. The Toyota Corolla has served the American car buying public well since then and continues to be a recommended model by Consumer Reports. Available in sedan or coupe, you're not going to be disappointed with this car.

Nissan Altima

I think the Silver Nissan Altima is the official state car of Connecticut because there are so darn many on the road. The beauty of the Nissan Altima was its lack of major design overhaul for years. That means you could drive a well-maintained Altima and look like you're driving a newer model. The Altima has been underrated throughout the years, yet it is a spacious, midsize sedan that is beautiful family transportation.

Chevrolet Impala

Call it a gut feeling but the Chevrolet Impala has to be on this list because of fleet and rental sales as in this car sold heavily new to fleets and rental car companies and is now available for used car buyers. Bland is not beautiful with the Impala. It's a used car you settle for and not aspire to.

Dodge Ram Pickup 1500

The third of the entry-level domestic pickup trucks, the Dodge Ram 1500 (called the Ram 1500 since 2011) is a workhorse just like the other pickups in this class. But, it's a temperamental workhorse at best. Consumer Reports finds heavy fault with its drive system reliability over the years. Approach this pickup with a strong inspection before purchase.

BMW 3 Series

This is the anti-Impala. People aspire to the BMW 3 series until they can afford a new BMW of their very own. The current generation of the 3 series is the best but drivers have loved this car for decades. By their very natures, BMWs are expensive to maintain. Consider consulting the Edmunds.com True Cost To Own calculator to see what your likely expenses will be.

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