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New Cars No Longer Being Produced in 2014

Do They Make Sense To Buy as Used Cars?


New Cars No Longer Being Produced in 2014

2011 Toyota Matrix

Photo © Toyota

There's a list of 8 cars no longer being produced as of the 2014 model year that you might want to consider buying as a used car. After all, just because a car is no longer being made doesn't mean it's a bad used car to own.

The beauty of discontinued new cars is their residual values can drop. After all, there's something inherently lacking in the value of a vehicle if its own manufacturer thinks it's not worth pursuing production any more. The manufacturers have, in effect, told the world that it no longer finds the vehicle appealing.

But, and this is not often taken into consideration by the car buying public, manufacturers continue to support their products for years to come with parts inventory and trained mechanics across the country who are familiar with the product. Just because a car is no longer being produced does not mean it is no longer a good vehicle – in most cases.

The Detroit Press has compiled a list of 10 new cars no longer being introduced in 2014. Lets take a look at them to determine which of these models would be good used cars to consider for purchase and those that won't.

You can consider five of these cars to be bought only if an exceptional price is available and three are winners. You'll definitely want to consider them for purchase.

Acura ZDX: Is there any logical reason to buy this vehicle? The only one that comes to mind is a burning desire to own an Acura instead of a Honda. The Honda in this case would be the Honda Crosstour, which is a surprisingly good vehicle in spite of its unappealing exterior. OK, there is one other reason to buy an Acura ZDX: if you find one for less than a comparable Crosstour.

Cadillac Escalade EXT: This is a pickup that makes sense for high rollers in Western states but not too many places elsewhere. Do you want the luxury of a Cadillac Escalade that can haul stuff? Then buy a Cadillac Escalade ESV. It's got more room than a pickup bed and can haul lots of people in a pinch, too. The Escalade EXT is a novelty pickup that is bested by much less expensive pickups like the Ford F-150.

GM's Hybrid Trucks: In concept they were a great idea, but their fuel savings didn't offset the higher costs. Here is another example of a used pickup it might make sense to buy if the cost is the same as a non-hybrid equivalent. Then you come out ahead of the game with lower fuel costs. But that's the only situation where it makes sense.

Nissan Altima Coupe: This one's an absolute no-brainer if you're in the market for a coupe. It's simply one of the best on the market. It offers a roomy interior, decent performance and good styling. You should be able to find good prices on them. Plus, it's simply a very reliable car, too.

Toyota Matrix: Here's another winner, especially if you like hatchbacks. It is fairly reliable and it's the five-door version of the always popular Toyota Corolla. Heck, even if you don't like hatchbacks, you might want to consider one if it prices out better than a four-door Corolla.

Volkswagen Routan: Here's the third winner on our list but only if you want a minivan that's like a Chrysler but isn't going to cost as much. Chrysler pretty much designed the Routan for Volkswagen but this van apparently didn't appeal to VW owners – largely because VW fans who wanted a people carrier would buy something like the VW EuroVan. Plus, people just aren't buying minivans in quantity, which is why Chrysler, Honda, and Toyota have the market cornered and everybody else ignores it.

Volvo C70: Color this a rare Volvo product in that it was a convertible and it never felt well constructed when the top was down. Early models had lots of cowl shake for a premium convertible. It's surprising it held on as long as it did against strong competition. This is a possible buy if you can find one for a really good price.

Volvo C30: Hate to end any list with a loser, but this one was definitely one. The Volvo C30 was a vehicle aimed at urban hipsters but this was a tough car to own in the city because it was a three door with wide opening doors and lackluster performance. City cars need some zip. Also, it was a glass bubble, which just seemed to scream, "Break into me!" Plus, it was expensive for an entry-level vehicle and it was not the type of aspirational vehicle most wannabee Volvo owners would desire for their first Volvo.



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