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Financially Optimize Getting Rid of Your Used Car

Here’s the age-old dilemma when buying a new (to you) car: sell a used car or trade in a used car for the best price for a used car (and don’t forget donating to charity). There’s no one set answer, but I will help you explore your used cars options from many different angles to make the right choice for your situation.

Best Place to Trade-in a Used Car
Best place to trade in a used car.

Ten Things To Know About CarMax
Ten facts about CarMax as the supersized used car retailer celebrates 20 years in business.

Openbay Could Help You Sell Your Used Car
Openbay can be a useful resource for used car owners who want excellent maintenance records and a well-maintained vehicle.

Tips and Advice on Understanding Cash for Clunkers
On July 24, 2009, the final regulations were released for the Cash for Clunkers Law, officially known as the Car Allowance Rebate System. What follows are some tips and advice about the Cash for Clunkers law that were finalized and not previously reported. Among the most interesting aspects are those dealing with the impact of the new law,...

Cash for Clunkers Tips
Can you add any advice to people looking to trade in their used car under the Cash for Clunkers bills?

What Is Better: Selling or Trading in Your Used Car?
ItÂ’s a problem faced by consumers since the first car was traded in: are you better off selling or trading in your used car? Answer these 7 questions about selling or trading in your used car and youÂ’ll have a good sense of what your decision should be. There is no definitive answer, which is why I developed these questions for you. If you answer yes to 4 or more of the questions, though, youÂ’re probably a good candidate for selling your used car on your own.

Advice and Tips on How Cash for Clunkers (or CARS) Works
What was once known colloquially as “Cash for Clunkers” has been given the official government name of CARS – Car Allowance Rebate System. As soon as President Obama signed the bill, scammers were already thinking up ways to take advantage of the system. Here are some tips and advice on how the new law works and how you can take advantage of it...

Sell Your Used Car or Trade It In?
Bankrate.Com, one of the leading aggregators of financial rate information on the Internet, offers financial pros and cons for selling or trading in your used car when buying a car.

The Solution Depends on Your Situation
Consumer advocate Michael Royce has good practical advice (and I love the name of his website). He has a good point about not trading in your car when you owe more than it’s worth.

Do Neither – Donate It
Since 1992, America's Car Donation Charities Center has provided non-profit organizations with a practical means of raising funds via donated vehicles. It explains what kind of cars can be donated and what needs to be done to donate a vehicle.

The Tax Ramification
This article has a good observation on how trading your car into the dealer could save you sales tax money. It’s an issue regulated state-by-state but it’s worth pondering as one part of your decision.

Good Photos Can Sell Bad Used Cars
More photos - not less - are the key to selling a used car that might have flaws. Don't hide them.

Average Age of Used Cars Increased in 2013
Average of used cars in 2013 increased, which presents opportunities for sellers and buyers.

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