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Avoid Buying or Selling a Used Car at the Wrong Price

No two used cars are identical but excellent tools exist for pinpointing to help you avoid buying used cars or selling used cars at the wrong price. Avoid getting ripped off by taking the same steps professionals do when appraising a vehicle. Follow my step-by-step processes and walk away a confident consumer.

Used Luxury Car Prices Dropping
April 2014 a good time to buy a used luxury car.

Questions About AutoSwaprz with CEO Chris Zink
AutoSwaprz.com provides used cars sellers, buyers and swappers an easier shopping experience.

August 2013 Used Car Sales Show Strong Growth
CNW Market Research does a good job monthly taking a look at the used car marketplace. Its information is a valuable source of where used car buyers might find good prices on used vehicles.

Used Lincolns Getting Tougher To Buy
coln has embarked on a program where its dealers are keeping used Lincolns for the company's certified pre-owned program instead of sending them to auction. Now might be the time to buy a used Lincoln if that is your predilection.

Overall Used Car Sales Down Through July 2013
The used car market saw a dip in sales through the first half of 2013 but that appears to be a problem more for independent dealers and private sellers, as well as consumers, according to figures compiled by Edmunds.com.

Expert Expects Used Car Depreciation in Fall 2013
Ricky Beggs, editorial director at Black Book, is saying the signs point to a possible extended period of used car depreciation similar to what was experienced in the fall of 2012. This could be good news for used car buyers.

Best and Worst Months for Deals on Used Cars
There's, believe it or not, a certain science to selling used cars that deals with algorithms and buying habits and types of analytical tools. When all is said and done, though, it comes down to this: when is the best time to sell and buy a used car? Obviously the answer is going to be different depending on which side of the equation you are on.

Strong New Cars Sales Help Used Car Sales in 2013
Edmunds.com is painting a rosy picture for new car sales in 2013, which means used car sales are going to be impacted as trade-ins continue to flood the marketplace, which is good news for used car buyers willing to wait until the first quarter of 2013.

What You Can Learn from 2011 Residual Values
KBB.com recently released its awards list for the Top Residual Values for 2013 models but it's a look back at the 2011 Top Residual Value Models awards that is going to help current used car buyers.

Beige Book Report Shows Mixed Used Car Sales
The Federal Reserve Board is out with its monthly "Beige Book" which looks at various economic factors in its districts around the country. The information is helpful to used car buyers and sellers because it's a good predictor of how used car sales have been and will be in the coming months.

Top 25 Used Cars for November 2012
AutoRemarketing.com, which could be considered the New York Times of the used car industry, has released its November list of the most popular used cars – and unlike a recent list about popular certified pre-owned cars last month – it's a solid list of used cars.

Research Insurance Costs Before Buying a Used Minivan
Automobile.com, which is a center for auto insurance-related information and quotes, has done research on insurance costs that should be considered before buying a used minivan or SUV. Some obvious choices may be less expensive.

Where To Find Used Car Bargains
Every indication is new car sales are continuing to increase in October 2012 while the used car supply is growing. That means new car dealerships are going to be a great source of used car bargains.

Used Car Sales on Uptick in September
The used car business is starting to recover somewhat for independent used car dealers with a strong September but it appears they are still lagging badly behind last year's sales while franchised used car dealers (those associated with new car dealerships) are having a strong year to date.

Used Car Prices Continue Decline; Used Trucks Not So Much
The price of used cars continues to decline significantly while the prices of used trucks aren't dropping as much - and it all has to do with new vehicle production. Take advantage of the changes to get a used truck or used car at the right price.

Used Car Sales Down in August 2012
It's shaping up that used car sales in August will be down compared to July. It also seems that overall sales in 2012 could be down from last year.

Research Shows Higher Days Supply for Used Cars
There is good news in the consumer used car market with the announcement that the inventory, or Days Supply, is increasing. More choice for consumers usually means better prices, especially with domestics and Asian used cars.

Used Car Luxury Prices May or May Not Be Rising
There is lots of confusion on where the used car luxury market is going and whether prices may or may not be rising but use the information to your advantage when used car shopping.

Compact Used Car Prices Dropping
Nine straight weeks of declining gasoline prices have had the effect of used car prices dropping on compact used cars.

Used Car Bargains for Memorial Day Weekend
The Memorial Day Weekend usually kicks off the summer used car buying season just make sure you know where the bargains are.

Five Overpriced Fuel Efficient Used Cars
There are five fuel-efficient used cars you might want to put the brakes on purchasing because their prices are predicted to drop.

Used Chevrolet Avalanches Should Hold Their Value
The announcement that the Chevrolet Avalanche pickup is being discontinued after the 2013 model year apparently will not hurt its value.

Don't Buy a Used Hybrid for the Wrong Reason
Just like in 2011, all signs are the price of used compact cars and hybrid cars is going to jump because of rising gas prices. Don't buy a compact or hybrid used car for the wrong reasons like rising gas prices because it may not make financial sense in the long term.

Large Used Cars Popular Now, Small Cars Later in 2012
The used car marketplace continues to be a topsy-turvy world with a current focus in February 2012 on large cars and full-size pickups with a heavy dollop of bated breath as gas prices continue to increase when small used cars are going to become even more popular.

What Spike in Certified Pre-Owned Sales Means
The spike in certified pre-owned cars for January 2012 means many things to the used car market – and none of them are necessarily good news for the consumer or the independent used car dealer.

Average Age of Used Cars Reaches New High
The increasing age of used cars in the United States is a sign of two things: the economy that makes new car buyers skittish, as well as used cars that are getting better because of improvements in manufacturing in the last decade.

Questions and Answers About WeBuyAnyCar.com
Chris Adams, chief operating officer of WeBuyAnyCar.com, a United Kingdom company now operating in the United States, explained what his company is all about with these questions about the used car buying company.

Analysts Predictions on Used Car Prices Are Wrong
There continues to be this ongoing hand wringing about the ever-increasing price of used cars but why the analysts think used car prices are increasing is wrong. OK, at the very least they are fundamentally flawed.

Mojo Motors Promotes New Way To Buy Used Cars
Mojo Motors is a used car vehicle sales aggregator website that offers a new way to buy used cars: guaranteed pricing at a discount available only through a free membership.

Use the Down Economy To Buy Your Next Used Car
CNW Research of Bradenton, Ore., tracks a consumer phenomena called The Jitters Index that reflects how shoppers feel in a down economy – use this info to buy your next used car.

Quizzes on Used Cars Can Be Good Source of Information
Don't take all of your used buying strategy from used car buying quizzes that pop up all the time. Often, there answers aren't as complete as they should be.

Most Used Cars Considered Severely Driven for Negotiation Purposes
When evaluating a used car for purchase, here's a little negotiation tactic to keep in mind for pricing: almost all drivers can be considered severe but they don't know this so they overvalue their used cars.

How To Buy a Used Electric Car
At first glance, it may seem odd to see an article about how to buy a used electric car when new electric cars are in limited supply with pretty much the Tesla Roadster the only electric vehicle you can buy as of December 2010.

The Effect of the Toyota Recall on Used Car Values
The information in this gallery reflects the drop in valuation for the recalled Toyota models. It shows clearly the effect of the Toyota recall on used car values and how there are opportunities if you are in the market for a used Toyota.

Residual Values Help Determine Used Car Prices
Residual values on new cars are important to the used car market for both sellers and buyers. They are important to keep in mind when used car shopping because they can vastly affect the price you are going to pay for a used car.

Used Car Market Well Stocked
There's something strange afoot in the used car market that is perplexing. Sales are down, yet prices are increasing. Are you, the consumer, being duped? It could seem so based on research. After all, dealers make money off used cars but actually lose money on new cars (expecting to make up the difference in service and financing). The used car...

Predicting What a Used Car Will Be Worth
Absolutely have your eye on a new car or truck that has been just been introduced, but you know you can’t afford it new? Well, there is a simple formula for predicting what a used vehicle is going to be worth three years down the road.

Questions for Used SUV and Truck savings
There is no reason to pay list price for a used pickup truck or SUV – absolutely none. Share your tips on saving money on used SUVs or used trucks.

How To Fairly Value Your Used Car
Its exciting buying a car, new or used, but it can be stressful getting rid of your current one. Thats why most people take the path of least resistance and trade their used cars in. They want to avoid the hassle of selling it on their own. Regardless of your decision, its important you know the true value of your car before entering into...

Knock 15% Off the Price of Your Next Truck or SUV
There is no reason to pay list price for a used pickup truck or SUV – absolutely none. All economic indicators as this is being written in the Summer of 2008 point to an absolute buyer’s market for used truck and SUV customers. Take a moment to read this article and you should save yourself 15% off the cost of your next used truck or SUV.

Forecast Strong for Used Car Sales Through 2020
The sales of used cars are expected to continue rising through 2016 with one of the highest peaks in years. At the same time, used car sale prices are expected to decline through 2018, which means it's a good time to be a buyer but not so good if you're a seller.

Questions About Buying a Used Electric Nissan Leaf
There's a debate raging over whether to buy a used electric vehicle or a used one. On the one side of the argument are government incentives and on the other is rapidly decreasing residual values. What makes more sense for you?

Kelley Blue Book
It’s been in the business the longest when it comes to setting values for cars.

National Automobile Dealers Association
Just like domestic car manufacturers are known as The Big 3, there are the Big 3 of car values: Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds.Com and the NADA.

Used Mercury Values Affected by Brand Closing
There’s no doubt that used Mercury values will be affected by the brand’s closing but the closing affects you in different ways depending on what you plan to do with a used Mercury.

How To Save Money on a Used Car
In 2010, used car prices appear to be going insane - and not in a good way. As Edmunds.com reports, used car prices are up 10% over 2009 and some SUVs and Crossovers costs 30% more.

Carsabi Offers Easy Way to Search Craiglist Listings
Carsabi is a recently debuted used car shopping site that combs all of the listings on craiglist.org throughout the United States as well as dealers in California.

Costs To Repair
This is a good site for determining what something is going to cost if it’s broken on a vehicle you’re selling or buying. Use this information to knock some cash off the price if you’re a buyer or to set a more honest price if you’re a seller.

Good Condition Definitions
This isn’t an endorsement of this company and the vehicles it sells (even though coincidentally it’s almost in my backyard). Instead, it’s a recognition of good definitions of a car’s condition. Follow it to honestly assess your car’s condition.

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