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How To Test Drive a Used Car


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Test Driving a Used Car
How To Test Drive a Used Car

Taking a smart test drive could land you the car of your dreams, like this 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Convertible.

Photo © Keith Griffin
The most important thing to remember when test driving a used car is you are the customer. That's how you test drive a used car. The customer is always right. You set the agenda when it comes to your test drive – not the sales rep or the owner if it’s a private sale. If any aspect of the test drive makes you feel uncomfortable – walk away. Trust your gut feelings. Preparation is key. Make sure you’re an informed used-car shopper before taking the test drive. A little homework will put you in a used car that exceeds your expectations. Also, this isn’t the time to diagnose problems. That’s not your goal in a test drive. You want to identify problems for your mechanic to inspect and offer solutions, including price. Don’t try to solve a car’s problems during the test drive.
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