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Florida Salvage Title Laws

Definitions To Understand Florida Salvage Title Laws


Florida Definitions

Here's a list of definitions that should help you understand Florida's salvage title laws. They are reproduced verbatim from the state code.

  • "Certificate of destruction" means the certificate issued pursuant to s. 713.78(11) or s. 713.785(7)(a).
  • "Major component parts" means:
  1. For motor vehicles other than motorcycles, the front-end assembly (fenders, hood, grill, and bumper), cowl assembly, rear body section (both quarter panels, trunk lid, door, decklid, and bumper), floor pan, door assemblies, engine, frame, transmission, and airbag.
  2. For trucks, in addition to those parts listed in subparagraph 1., any truck bed, including dump, wrecker, crane, mixer, cargo box, or any bed which mounts to a truck frame.
  3. For motorcycles, the body assembly, frame, fenders, gas tanks, engine, cylinder block, heads, engine case, crank case, transmission, drive train, front fork assembly, and wheels.
  • "Major part" means the front-end assembly, cowl assembly, or rear body section.
  • "Materials" means motor vehicles, derelicts, and major parts that are not prepared materials.
  • "Motor vehicle" means motor vehicle as defined in s. 320.01(1).
  • "Parts" means parts of motor vehicles or combinations thereof that do not constitute materials or prepared materials.
  • "Personal identification card" means personal identification card as defined in s. 538.18(5).
  • "Prepared materials" means motor vehicles, mobile homes, derelict motor vehicles, major parts, or parts that have been processed by mechanically flattening or crushing, or otherwise processed such that they are not the motor vehicle or mobile home described in the certificate of title, or their only value is as scrap metal.
  • "Processing" means the business of performing the manufacturing process by which ferrous metals or nonferrous metals are converted into raw material products consisting of prepared grades and having an existing or potential economic value, or the purchase of materials, prepared materials, or parts therefor.
  • "Recreational vehicle" means a motor vehicle as defined in s. 320.01(1).
  • "Salvage" means a motor vehicle which is a total loss as defined in paragraph (3)(a).
  • "Salvage certificate of title" means a salvage certificate of title issued by the department or by another motor vehicle department authorized to issue titles in another state.
  • "Salvage motor vehicle dealer" means salvage motor vehicle dealer as defined in s. 320.27(1)(c)5.
  • "Secondary metals recycler" means secondary metals recycler as defined in s. 538.18(8).

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