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Readers Respond: How Ford Has Treated Me During the Windstar Recall

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The Ford Windstar recall has engendered strong passions among Windstar owners who feel the Blue Oval may not be treating them fairly. Ford's response it has been more than generous with high-mileage minivans that may not be in the best shape, yet are still being repurchased at top dollar based on Kelley Blue Book valuations. Share your experiences from the recall. As always, these comments are moderated and we ask that you maintain an air of civility.

Getting f Ed by ford

I am also getting the run around by the Jerrys ford dealer in Alexandria where I purchased my 2001 windstar van. It seems to me like no one once to take responsibility for anything. What a joke. I have never had this issue with my Chevy or Honda and Toyota vehicles I've had. But I'm not going to quit until something is done. And I'm not paying for it. I've already done that by purchasing the thing.
—Guest Mark martin


My family owns two Windstars, all recalls have been done , on time, and free rental for the inconvenience. Not one complaint about them, reliable, cheap as dirt to maintain, small rust here and there. First one was purchased brand new in 02 by my father, and I just bought the second for 350 put another 650 into it and it's already on the road. My advice to all is be glad Ford issued a safety recall and told you not to drive it unlike GM who has recalled millions of multiple vehicle lines, and has already killed what a dozen because of this? All cars with age depreciate, in value and mechanical reliability. Don't bitch and chew about how your 10year old vehicle isn't like new anymore. Vehicles are the worst investment, after they roll off the lot they depreciate by 4 grand. I've been the caretaker of all my families Fords and Lincolns for the last 12 years. Our Fords give us 15 years of reliability before we trade them in for well..... Another Ford
—Guest Alex

American Made Vechicles

Any American Made Vehicle is a VICTIM of COMPETITION COMPETITION COMPETITION the fast buck for the RACE of whose FIRST....equals no QUALITY.....JAPAN AND KOREA don't have this problem....that is why their vehicles are made much, much BETTER........I have always owned one or two or three........THANK YOU......WTH (Please publish this)
—Guest Sonny

2001 Ford Windstar Recall

How can I find out if the recall repairs was completed on my van. I purchased this van for little of nothing , but now I am finding out that it is dangerous. Where can I find this information?
—Guest Tameka

Aggreviated with Ford

I took my 01 windstar in for the axel recall and subframe recall on 04/16/12 and they told me it would be a day they had the parts well come to find out they didn't so they told me a week. Well week came and week gone. I called them back they told me the axel was in and already on the van but the subframe was bad and dangerous for me to drive so they are still waiting on that part well now they say it was on back order nationwide. Talked to them on 05/07/12 and now its off back order but they still won't know when the dealership is going to get the part. I asked my customer relations worker and she said that the recall papers are to go out at the end of this month or at the first of June and she didn't know how i got one a head of the game. Now I look it up on the computer get real RJ I will be calling today about this. This is Nonsense. I don't have full coverage on my van so I can't get a rental car unless I pay the insurance of 150 a week i'm on a fix income i can't do that.

My mechanic said repair is not done well

My 03 Windstar was in dealer for 1 mo. for recall issues. They seemed so bothered by this. They supposedly repaired it but tried to sell me a new Ford and we were NOT interested one bit. It is one year later. During yearly PA inspec. my mechanic informs me that the so called repair from last year is not holding and it should go back to Ford. The dealership is not close to me and they told me it must go to them .. not to any other dealer. Is anyone else experiencing this besides me? Does anyone still have their Windstar?
—Guest Disgusted

2000 Ford Windstar

They had my van for almost 3 months. Had 5 recalls on it. They did the back axle now both my rear shocks or springs are gone. What the heck?????? I have never had a car with one go. And now something under the front end is making the car thump and the steering wheel is shaking back and forth...feels like the tire is going to fly off. I don't know what to do.
—Guest cathy

Rusted subframe issue

I had an inspected recall of the subframe. The dealer did not repair the bracket that held up the swaybar which was due to excessive corosion. This bracket is in the same subrame recall area. This bracket should have been repaired along with the bracket for the lower cotrol arm since it was in the same location as the other rusted brackets. My windstar sits idle in my driveway and wont pass inspection with a hanging swaybar!
—Guest Cathy

Took mine to Bob Lowth Ford today

The Enterprise representative who picked me up said they have had about 50 prior Windstar recall customers. At one point they had a couple rows of cars waiting for the work at the dealer. But today I was the only Windstar there. I got a brand new Nissan Altima and it is nice. After reading all the complaints from Windstar owners, I didn't see any who wrote about happy endings, so I had to wonder how my journey would go. I'm guessing now they have all been takien care of. I'd like to see some letters from others who have concluded the recall and how things went. After I get mine back, I'll write another response here.
—Guest Phil B.

Only paid $500 for the van

Bought it two weeks ago from a towing co. It had no brakes, that cost me $350 and the brakes are now great. Now I found out about the recalls. I'm so glad I found all these responses from owners. Now I need to decide if I'm gonna take it in for the inspection. I thought I absolutely loved this van. I got it so cheap and it has a lot of options and it drives smooth and straight. Has 220,000 miles but appears to be running great. Made an appointment with dealer to take it in and was told it will take one full day to do the job. By what I've read of the letters so far, that seems unlikely. Don't want to wait a long time with no car to drive. What should i do. Looks like I have a lot less to lose than other owners so I guess I'm lucky.
—Guest Phil B

Get a life people! They owe you nothing

About 4% of you have so far responded with what I would consider reasonable reflective behavior. You buy a car, it depereciates MASSIVELY during your ownership (I assume you haven't done the stupid thing and bought on credit using money you don't actually have). You then expect that many, many years after the purchase the vehicle turns out to have a defect - OH MY! WHAT TO DO? you immediately think "sue their xxx off, I want all that money I invested in the car, poor old me" - come off it people - NEVER INVEST in a depreciating asset like a car - life is risky, life is dangerous - buy cheap, learn those repair skills yourself, and most of all, STOP COMPLAINING! You sound so much like a broken record - Ford is the same as any other company - sometimes you'll get lucky and your car will soldier on for more years than others, but please, don't beat up the company you did a deal with all those years ago. Move on, buy another 10 year old motor with the money you have NOW.
—Guest Dude

Ford BUY my WINDSTAR back

have had nothin but trouble since I bought my 2001 windstar in Feb 2010.Took into ford dealer was givin a beautiful fully loaded town and country and the next afternoon all the recalls were done Im not sure if anything was ever done after reading multiple people have had their van in shop for months.# of my trusted mechanics have told me this van is a money-pit and to not wate my time and the dealership who sold it to me were real a-holes.The windstar I purchaced has only 65K on it thats one of the reasons I bought and I took to a mechanic close to the dealer since mine were tooo busy to look at it b4 I bought and I spent almost 1k to fix it b4 I brought it home and they told me once those probs were fixed it would be a nive safe family van 4 us and here I am with no VAN for almost 2 months Thanks Ford U SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest Kedzie

Typical bad treatment by Ford

I took my 2001 Windstar to Newell Ford in Bay Shore,NY. They did the subframe replacement and rear axle reinforcement. Took 3 weeks, but I got the car back with the CEL on and a weird cracking/clunking noise in the frontend, which was not there before. Called them back and they said they would look at it but everything would come out of my pocket. Never another Ford, never deal with Newell again. Never offered a rental or check. Good luck everyone.
—Guest Clark Kent

Reselling Windstars with bad axles

What is the disposition of the vans Ford bought back with rotted rear axles? I'm sure I saw the one I sold back driving the opposite direction one morning. Same color, same state plates, AND the rear window was broken as mine was. This was before April 2011 when the axles were supposed to be ready for replacement. Are unscrupulous Ford dealers reselling these unsafe vehicles before they are fixed? Does Ford know about it and sanction it? Are the buyers aware of the defect?
—Guest Bob

OHH NOOOoooo!!!....Hopefully not ME!!

I own a '00 Ford WStar. I had to leave it at the dealership yesterday (8/24/2011).I am currently in a rental.After reading all these comments, I am very uneasy about how my situation will turn out. My Windstar has over 200K, I drove it from Mississippi to California just a year ago. My understanding is that high mileage brings the buy back value down.Is there a lawsuit in connection with the unfair treatment that Ford is giving its customers? I pray to the heavens that my siutation works out well. I have three children and I am a very fat girl. I look like "the nutty professor" in this little rental car.I feel for everyone that has been wronged because I could be facing the same fates as some of the others that have commented. There really should be a lawsuit or something. This is just terrible. I just graduated college and am trying to get in a job position within my field of study. I have come to far for a situation like this to stop my progress. Stay Strong People!!!l
—Guest Stacie
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