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Readers Respond: How Ford Has Treated Me During the Windstar Recall

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The Ford Windstar recall has engendered strong passions among Windstar owners who feel the Blue Oval may not be treating them fairly. Ford's response it has been more than generous with high-mileage minivans that may not be in the best shape, yet are still being repurchased at top dollar based on Kelley Blue Book valuations. Share your experiences from the recall. As always, these comments are moderated and we ask that you maintain an air of civility. Share Stories & Advice

Ford USA

So my windstar rear axle broken,but i m from Europe,USA Ford send me to Finland Ford like to seller in EU.This dealer said-no we do not sell this cars----best seller for ford... This seller give me contacts of other seller in FInland.I ask USA Ford sustomer service- did i must contacts wit this other-answer-yes.I send email and get answer-we sell only for Finland buyers and service only Finlands cars.... So main office don now who sell their cars in Europe also dont now who repair broken cars.Also recalls for rear axle valid only for USA buyers but not for me...So ford want sell more cars in EU....i do not buy next car with name Ford

Axle and lights on dash

Axle cracked after installing recall brackets abs, brake light pop on now and then will never buy another ford
—Guest Jim

subframe rusted through

front right steering problems. Mechanic says its subframe rusted through(1999 Windstar)Ford says although its the same design flaw, there is no recall on the vehicle. They put on sway arms when I took it in for the axel recall. depressed, the vehicle is sitting in the driveway. Is there a class action lawsuit?
—Guest Michael


I have a99 ford Windstar. The front just about put me into a tree last week. Mechanic says the subframe rotted thru. Why can't I gat satisfaction? Same year and design flaw yet, they say they cannot buy it back or fix it?
—Guest Michael

to ford car owners

had a windstar 1999 was great went to floraida and back had a recall done took 6mounths ford gave me a renter car ford exsporer didn,t wanr to give it back lol well i think your all not dealing with ford directly there are ford recall help lines that well answer your calls real people your ford dealers don,t really want to do the work on them so they give you a crapey story. well good luck
—Guest joe


Yes it will fit, just make sure that the temp sensor if on the head is on the right side. On Chevy's there is a bung for them near the front of the head on the drveir side. It has been a while but I do know they will fit either side no problem. Before you do this, be sure to clean the threads on the head bolts and if you can the bolt holes they go into. I prefer to use black RTV on the head bolts this is because the bolts go into the block and into the water passages, this will help keep them sealed, but be sure to torque them down right away if you use the RTV. Also there is a pattern that has to be followed while tighting them almost like a tire. Not doing it like that can cause the new head gasket to leak and warp the head.
—Guest qNjCUYAah


GUY is right on with his estimate. It relaly depends on where you live, too, for what your cost will be, but you should be able to get it done for between $ 250 $ 300. Last year we got a windshield replaced on an old Oldsmobile Royale 88 for $ 200, and they even went to the location to do the work. They did a nice job, too.
—Guest dmxQEhgiMjkWbdpnrkV

Ford Windstar 2001 subframe

I had to ad my thoughts after reading about exact problems others mentioned.I too had clunking sounds after having the repairs done too.I have now been experiencing a loud noise which continues to get louder.I don't have the money to pay for car repairs so am taking my chances.I spoke to a Ford rep. today and he said he could not help me.He did say all who had recall repairs were eligible to take autos back within 12 months of the repair at no cost to the customer for inspection and repairs.
—Guest Judy

Ford cars are terrible

Ford took the cheap way out with the Windstar recall...they put a incorrect quick fix to get my windstar out of the recall timeframe. Now, the lower control arm broke because of excessive rust, Ford tells me its out of the recall period. Ford service employees are taught to just keep repeating the same line. If you own a Ford, do.t get it serviced at the dealership. They'll cheat you. It's my opinion that Castrucci Ford in Alexandria, Ky is terrible. It's my opinion they don't know what they're doing. How can there be that many customers upset a out the repair of their vehicle? And its a safety issue. I have an escape that is rusting because of a defect....they won't do anything about that, oh well, its cosmetic. The windstar issue controls the steering. NHTSA needs to hold Ford's feet to the fire. It's safety. I won't rest until something is done. Regardless....No more Ford's. That is how I start my conversations, "don't buy Ford". Most people say, " we know".
—Guest MattyIce

Spread the word...DON'T buy Ford

I am just everyone else on this site. I have owned Fords my whole driving life. I thought it was the right thing to do....buy American. Ford Co. decision makers are terrible, just as their cars are terrible. I currently drive a 08 Escape. It has a rusted fender because of a faulty weld. Ford won't fix it...its not all the way rusted through....by the time it is...it'll be out of warranty(5 years). I'm not too concerned because it's not life threatening. My 02 Windstar and the rusted undercarriage IS!! Ford stock and their execs are doing quite well. I can't stand reading the articles about how well Ford Co. is doing....while their cars are involved in accidents because of THEIR decisions. Start a movement. I think we need to take this to social media sites....FB, twitter, mass emails. Get the word out to NOT buy Ford, your friends will thank you later. I tell my friends, if I or my family is involved in an accident and we die, have someone look at the Windstar.
—Guest Matt

Beyond fed up with Ford

I bought my ford windstar two years ago. Since then my trans went out, the car doesn't want to start with the key they gave me because the car auto-theft light sensor is bad. Now my engine is completely gone because the indicators on my dash didn't let me know I had engine problems. My car stopped on the expressway and thank God I was in the far right and not the express lane. No rattling, no smoke, no light indicators, no shaking or anything. Come to find out my car was seeping oil and my engine went out. Im a single mom who has no way to get to work and I walk my daughter 5 block s there and back for school. I will never buy from ford again.
—Guest Ivana

law suite

we all need to get together and have a class action lawsuit hello my name is Paul I bought my 2000 Ford Windstar for 8000 dollars
—Guest paul.ellis1964@gmail.com


lleve mi windstar 2003 por que tenia recall despues de 3 dias en la agencia me la dieron cuandola maneje empeso a temblar la lleve de regreso y me dijeron que ellos ya no podian hacer nada que ya no era problema de ellos si no mio,espero que algien le sirva esta informacion suerte
—Guest 2003

Bad workmanship

I took my Windstar into Beasley Ford/ Lincoln of York PA for what I was told a recall for the front sub frame. I got the car back approximately 24 hrs later. However I noticed straight away that when I braked the car made a metal to metal cracking sound. When I got home I put the car up on my ramps and found that it wasn't just an inspection that had been done but brackets etc had been put onto the sub frame to strengthen it. However when the mechanic tightened up the bolts which hold the sub frame to the body, with a rubber islolator inbetween the over tightened the bolts on the passenger side, thereby effective bolting the subframe to the body (metal to metal. I complained to the dealer who told me they would charge me to look at it and replace the isolator which was probably rotted. In the end after further arguements with the service manager. I eventually slackened the bolt myself. All is wellapart from the typical rumbly front end which I read is typical of a Windstar.
—Guest Brian McInnes

2001 Ford Windstar Recall

How can I find out if the recall repairs was completed on my van. I purchased this van for little of nothing , but now I am finding out that it is dangerous. Where can I find this information?
—Guest Tameka

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How Ford Has Treated Me During the Windstar Recall

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