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Safe Used Cars for Teen Drivers

A new study shows that teen auto deaths are on the rise after several years of decline. That means it is more important than ever to protect your teens with safe used cars.

Used Cars Spotlight10

Make Your Used Car Hit 200,000 Miles

Your used car can hit 200,000 miles with a lot of effort. It beats having to make new car payments.

Advice on Purchasing a Used Convertible

Advice on buying a used convertible gives a practical perspective on what is a passionate used car purchase.

Subprime Used Car Lending Increasing

Rise in amount of used car loans could signal that consumers are becoming more susceptible to high interest, subprime loans.

Popular Used Cars with Poor Reliability Records

These popular used cars may have long-term reliability problems. Inspect them closely before purchasing them.

IIHS Recommends Safe Cars for Teenagers

A list of the safest used cars for teens as compiled by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Used Car Sale Prices Increasing for 2014

The rise in used car prices for the second quarter of 2014 is being driven by consumer demand as well as loosening automotive credit - a bad sign.

Top 10 Most-Stolen SUVs/CUVs

Own a CUV or SUV? It might be attractive to used car thieves, especially if you happen to drive a Ford model, which are no. 1, 2, and 3 on the list.

Certified Pre-Owned Works for Used Car Dealers

Certified pre-owned used cars are profitable for dealers but not always for used car buyers. Understand what you are getting into before paying more.

Where Your Used Car Will Be Stolen

One state dominates the Top 10 list of where your used car will most likely be stolen. Read how you can prevent it from happening to your used car.

10 Best Technologies for Selling a Used Car

There are 10 technologies to make your used car more appealing to used car buyers. Adding them is going to help increase the price of your used car.

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