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Tips on Avoiding Potential Problems in a Used Car

Not all used cars are created equal, which is why I have tips on avoiding potential problems in used cars. Some used cars are going to give you more problems than others. Let me give you some pointers on spotting current and potential problems with that used car you’ve been eyeing.

Look for These Repair Problems Before Buying Used
CarMD study shows most common problems in used cars in terms of repairs.

LoJack Most Stolen Used Cars List
LoJack list of most stolen used cars. Is yours on the list?

Top 10 Most-Stolen SUVs/CUVs
Own a CUV or SUV? It might be attractive to used car thieves, especially if you happen to drive a Ford model, which are no. 1, 2, and 3 on the list.

Where Your Used Car Will Be Stolen
One state dominates the Top 10 list of where your used car will most likely be stolen. Read how you can prevent it from happening to your used car.

Should You Sell or Fix Your Used Car?
CarMD offers state-by-state analysis of average used car repairs, which could help you decide whether to fix or sell your used car.

Is It the Right Time To Buy a Used GM?
Now not the right time to buy a used GM on the recall list.

Consumer Reports Reveals Used Cars To Avoid
Alternatives to the Consumer Reports top bad used cars.

Consumer Reports Reveals the Best Used Cars
Consumer Reports lists the best used cars of the last 10 years.

Used Car Dealer Sales Dropping for the Year to Date
Used car sales down at dealerships but up in certified pre-owned market.

Five Questions To Ask About Used Car Warranties
Questions and answers about used car warranty programs.

Cautionary Tale About Buying Certified Pre-Owned
There's a good precautionary tale via GMInsideNews.com about buying a certified pre-owned used car that paints a valuable lesson for anybody in the market for a car.

Carfax Reports Disturbing Info on Flood Damaged Cars
The problem of flooded used cars, while a small percentage of overall used cars, continues to be a problem as foul weather strikes across the United States based on a new report from Carfax.com.

NICB Issues List of Most Stolen Luxury Used Cars
Are you considering a used luxury vehicle for your next purchase? You might want to consider this list of the Top 10 Stolen Used Luxury Cars, especially if you live on the West or East coasts and are eyeing a used luxury compact.

Used Car Warranties Not Worth the Paper They Are Printed On
Used car warranties not sold as certified pre-owned usually not worth the paper they are printed on.

Zubie Measures Used Car Performance in Simple Device
Zubie onboard diagnostic tool for used cars tells you what's wrong with your car and where it's been driven

Top 10 Stolen Used Sports Car in the U.S.

Salvage 2010 Dodge Caliber Overpriced
There's a story out of Houston about a local reverend who claims he bought a 2010 Dodge Caliber from a used car dealership and did not know it had a salvage title until it was too late but there's more to this story than first meets the eye.

Damaged Hurricane Sandy Cars Could Save Your Life
The horrible flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy which caused more than 100 deaths in the Northeast – most from flooding – could help save your life thanks to a donation to first responder training.

NHTSA Takes Active Role in Millions of Recalls
Officially called the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, but more commonly known an NHTSA (or Nit-SUH as some say), this federal agency that oversees recalls of used cars had a busy 2012 with more than 17.8 million products subject to recall.

Toyota Announces Major Corolla Recall for Airbags
January 2013 a bad month for airbag recalls with Toyota announcing that it is going to recall certain 2003 and 2004 Corolla and Corolla Matrix vehicle for a potentially serious issue.

Beware Used Car Dealers Without Buyers Guides
The Federal Trade Commission’s Southwest Region Office has warned 11 used car dealerships in Jonesboro, AR, that their sales practices violate the FTC’s Used Car Rule, which requires used car dealers to display a “Buyers Guide” detailing warranty and other important information on the cars they sell.

Honda Announces Pilot, Odyssey Recalls
Honda has announced the recall of its popular sports utility vehicle the Honda Pilot and its well-known minivan the Honda Odyssey for possible problems with the driver's side airbag.

Cash for Clunkers Hurt the Environment
Interesting allegation that Cash for Clunkers did not achieve its goal of improving the environment – largely because it did not allow for engine parts to be recycled.

Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon Recalled
The Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon models from 2010 to 2012 have been subject to a recall from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration for a hood latch problem.

Is It Smart To Buy a Used Suzuki?
American Suzuki Motor Corporation, or what most of us call Suzuki, has pulled the plug on selling new cars in the United States. Basically once the supply runs out, you won't be able to buy a new Suzuki but that begs the question: is it smart to buy a used Suzuki?

Beware the Flood Cars of Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy that blew through the Eastern Seaboard on Oct. 29, 2012, has the potential to create lots of flooded vehicles because it cut such a wide swath of damage.

Run Your Credit Report Before Buying a Used Car
There are a lot of things a used car buyer should do before heading out for a purchase. The most important might be to run your credit report before buying a used car.

New Connecticut Law Mandates Safety Inspections
The state of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles has announced a new law for used car dealers that should become a model for the nation. Used cars sold by dealers must undergo a specific safety inspection.

How To Handle Vehicles Sold Without Valid Titles and Registrations
There's an interesting case out of Connecticut, my home state, about a used car dealer who sold untitled used cars with invalid registrations. It's a potential nightmare for someone who thinks he or she is driving a properly registered used car.

Buy-Here, Pay-Here Legislation Set To Become Law
Barring last-minute action by the California governor, it looks like major reforms to the Buy-Here, Pay-Here industry are coming to that state by January 1, 2013, which could lead to major changes across the country for how this business performs.

Most Stolen Used Cars for 2011
It's that time of year where once again we report on the most stolen used cars the U.S.A. Other sites refer to them as the most stolen cars but we know, unless a car is stolen off a dealer's lot, all stolen cars are used stolen cars.

Almost 500,000 Ford Escapes Being Recalled
Almost half-a-million Ford Escapes are being recalled because of potential problems with unintended acceleration, which apparently can be real in some cases.

Most Dangerous Used Cars on the Road
When it comes to buying a used car, price and fuel economy are usually a major concern but this list of the most dangerous used cars on the road warrants attention.

LoJack Releases List of Most Stolen Used Cars
LoJack, the stolen vehicle recovery company, issued its third annual Vehicle Theft Recovery Report (for the year 2011) and its list shows what are the most common stolen used cars. It should be taken into consideration when buying your next used car.

Actron an Alternative for Uncovering Used Car Problems
There's an alternative to CarMD worth considering when it comes to tools that scan a used car before purchase to help you identify potential problems in a used car. Actron makes diagnostic tools for consumers that could be part of the used car buying process.

Major Recall of 1.3 million Used BMWs Worldwide
Normally, articles are not devoted to recalls because all manufacturers have them but I do like to report on the major ones – even if they technically are not recalls. BMW has a major recall on its hands because of a fire risk associated with a battery cable.

How To Sign Over Title to a Used Car
Twice recently, once via email and once via story comment, I have been made aware of problems signing over a title to a used car problems that have made it difficult to register the used car and asked how to sign over title.

Top 10 Least Stolen Cars
The Top 10 Most Stolen Cars list always garners a lot of attention when the National Insurance Crime Bureau distributes it but the list of least stolen cars published by the Highway Loss Data Institute receives a lot less coverage.

Power Up Your Used Volvo with Polestar
Volvo is out with a new way to add additional power to used Volvos from 2008 to the present. It's called Polestar and it's going to change the performance of used Volvos for not a lot of money.

Top 10 Model Years for Stolen Ford Mustangs
The National Insurance Crime Bureau is out with its 2012 list of the Top 10 Most Stolen Ford Mustangs and this list is important to owners of used Mustangs because a stolen car drastically affects the value of the car forever more when it gets branded with a salvage title.

Five Reasons Not To Sell Your Used Car
As the guide to used cars for About.com, I frequently get asked advice about buying a "new" used car. Some people are surprised when I tell them it is not always smart to sell your used car. Here are five reasons (in no particular order) not to sell your used car.

Used Car Winners and Losers in 2011
This list of seven used car winners and losers demonstrates what an interesting year 2011 was in the used car business. So, how is the biggest loser of the year? That would have to be Ford with its Windstar recall. On the flip side the Honda Accord continues to be a big winner in used car sales, once again taking the number one spot.

Tow Truck Operators Exposed in Stop Curbstoning Report
Stop Curbstoning has identified a new component of curbstoning, which is having an impact on consumers and state and local governments: rogue tow truck operators. The organization has issued a white paper on these rogue tow truck operators who buy cars, fix them up, and then sell them for a profit.

Simple Steps To Avoid Used Car Ripoffs
In the ongoing series of Worcester Telegram articles about the Rivernider family, who have been convicted in Massachusetts and Florida for their used car ripoffs, there is an illustrative lesson about simple steps consumers can take when researching a seller.

Good Advice - Tampered Odometers a Risk with Off-Lease Used Cars
Used car buyers considering buying a vehicle coming off-lease should be careful to look for signs of odometers that have been tampered with either digitally or on analog odometers. That’s the conclusion of a leading vehicle inspection firm.

California Gets It Right with New Salvage Title Law
California has enacted a first-in-the-nation salvage title law that mandates all new and used car dealers slap a red sticker on any vehicle that has a salvage, junk, or flood title. The new law goes into effect July 1, 2012.

Report Says Rivernider Returns To Used Car Fraud
Beware New England and Florida used car buyers. Darryl G. Rivernider, who has been ordered not to sell vehicles in any capacity in Massachusetts and Florida has tried to get back into the used car business. Fortunately, authorities are onto him.

How To Make Money To Pay Off a Used Car
Looking for a way to pay off your used car and make some money at the same time? The answer might be RelayRides, a car sharing service that lets you put your used car to work when you are not driving it.

Recall of Volkswagen Jetta, Golf, and Jetta SportWagens Affects Used Car Buying
Volkswagen is conducting a voluntary safety recall on approximately 159,884 Volkswagen Jetta and Jetta SportWagens manufactured from May 2008 through September 2011 and Golf models manufactured from May 2009 through September 2011. It could affect used car buying with potential deals for savvy consumers.

Do Not Buy a Hurricane-Damaged Used Car
The damage from Hurricane Irene is going to be felt for months, if not years, to come in the used car industry as flood-damaged and hurricane-damaged cars come on the market. Be prepared so you do not buy a hurricane-damaged used car.

Illinois Salvage Title Laws
Illinois could be considered to have some of the toughest salvage title laws in the U.S.A. based on its definition of salvage and proactive stance.

Stolen Car List Can Help You Buy a Used Car
One of the most popular lists to come out each July is the Top 10 Most Stolen Cars, which is a list that can help you buy a used car.

Repo Games a TV Show that Focuses on Used Cars
Repo Games is probably the only show you're going to see on television that focuses on the struggles used car owners have trying to hold onto their vehicles. Finally, a show for used car owners!

How To Buy a Used Corvette
Jeff Zurschmeide, About.com's Guide to Corvettes, has been an automotive journalist for more than 5 years. His writing history includes a stint working for Corvette Market magazine, and his lifelong passion for classic sports cars makes him a natural Corvette fan. He seemed like the best person to approach when this question was pondered, How...

Ford Answers on Windstar Axle and Subframe Recall More Elusive
There are still lots of questions about the Ford Windstar recall on topics such as the front subframe recall and making the Windstars roadworthy again after sitting for months. Your questions about the Windstar recall were sent to Ford to get some answers, which seem more elusive than ever.

Need for Used Car Inspections Demonstrated with Study
AIM Mobile Inspections is out with an important reminder about the need for an independent inspection before purchasing a used car. Vehicle history reports like those issued from AutoCheck and CarFax are valuable tools but only one part of the used car buying process.

Final Plans for Toyota Recall Announced
The following questions and answers have been supplied by Toyota regarding the recall of Toyota cars and trucks because of sticking accelerator pedals in certain Toyota models.

The Right Steps for Completing a Used Car Sale
It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what you need to do when completing a used car sale because the laws do vary from state to state. There are certain things you need to do in the midst of buying a used car or selling a used car.

Good Advice for Sticking Accelerators in Toyotas
The issue of sticking accelerators in Toyota cars and trucks is a nightmare for Toyota but a possible dream for savvy used car buyers. As this is being written at the end of January 2010, this is a great time to buy a used Toyota. Proceed cautiously before plunking down your hard earned money on used Toyotas.

GM Used Car Advice - Stay Away for Now
GM has declared bankruptcy. Hundreds of dealers are going to see their doors closed by October 2010. Their stock is essentially worthless. Want my advice on GM used cars? This is a lousy time to buy one from a dealer.

Advice on GM Used Cars: Stay Away for Now
As I write this, GM is poised to declare bankruptcy on June 1, 2009. Hundreds of dealers are going to see their doors closed by October 2010. Their stock is essentially worthless. Want my advice on GM used cars? This is a lousy time to buy a GM used car from a dealer.

Craigslist Used Car Scam - Dealers Posing as Private Sellers
There’s a Craiglist scam going on in the used car world that may catch you by surprise. Dealers are selling cars as private individuals so they don’t have to comply with used car rules established by the Federal Trade Commission for used car dealers.

Craigslist Used Car Scam - Dealers Posing as Private Sellers
There’s a Craiglist scam going on in the used car world that may catch you by surprise. Dealers are selling cars as private individuals so they don’t have to comply with used car rules established by the Federal Trade Commission for used car dealers.

Top 10 Things That Could Drive You Crazy after Purchasing a Used Car
I am constantly trying to improve the used car buying process. On this site, I cover a lot of advice like test driving a used car, how to inspect a used car, and questions to ask a used car dealer. Let’s take a step beyond that excellent advice and look at some offbeat tips folks might not consider before buying a used car. Just like in horror...

Features That Aren’t Good Values in Used Cars
The temptation when shopping for a used car is to go for the models with all the bells and whistles like navigation, satellite radio, DVD monitors and massage seats (among others). What sounds great on paper, though, can end up costing you hundreds of dollars down the road when it comes time to replace the items. Plus, some of them wrongly spike the value of the car you’re trying to purchase.

Worst of the Worst Used Cars
Consumer Reports has a list of what it calls the "Worst of the Worst" used cars. As the consumer organization explains, “These models have multiple years of much worse than Used Car Verdicts in the 1998 to 2007 models.” Consult this list before your next used car purchase.

Avoid Fraud When Buying Used
Look to the bottom of the home page for Fraud Awareness Tips from Auto Trader. With more than 45 million used cars sold annually, odds are good some of those transactions involve fraud.

Don’t Get Scammed
Good information from Craigslist, the premiere site for free online classified ads.

Buying a Used Car with a Recall Notice
At least 1.4 million used cars that were recalled but not repaired were for sale in 2009. That is approximately 3% of used cars sold annually. It seems important to offer advice on buying a used car with a recall notice in light of that statistic.

Buying a Used Toyota That Has Been Recalled
The mainstream media was beside itself in the winter of 2009-2010 and even into the spring of 2010 with the news of the major recalls Toyota underwent. At the time, panic ensued and the thought buying a used Toyota that has been recalled was anathema. People wouldn’t be caught dead in a used Toyota because they thought they’d be found dead in a...

Questions Windstar Owners Have About the Recall
The ongoing saga of the Ford Windstar recall has people confused, angry and wondering what to do. In an attempt to clarify some of what is going on, an interview was conducted with Wes Sherwood, Safety Communications Manager, for Ford about questions Windstar owners have about the recall.

How the Ford Windstar Recall Has Affected Owners
Readers respond how Ford has treated them during the recall of their Ford Windstars and share advice with other owners.

There's an interesting trend that is going to affect the used car industry...
There's an interesting trend that is going to affect the used car industry supply: a declining interest among teens in getting driver's licenses.

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