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Spot Great Used Car Deals & Bad Used Car Deals

Used car deals – good and bad – are out there and I can tell you how to spot great used car deals and bad used car deals. Used cars that did not generate a lot of buzz new can be good values three years down the road. Also, over-hyped new cars are sometimes used car nightmares with unrealistic prices.

10 Most Reliable Used Cars Brands
Top 10 most reliable used car brands

MojoMotors Lets Used Car Ads Come To You
MojoMotors.com used car ads will send you updates when prices change.

14 Orphan News Cars that Could Make Good Used Cars
LeftLaneNews.com, which is staffed by some great automotive writers and photographers, has come out with a list of 14 cars that you won't be able to buy for 2013. It's an important list for the used car market because these models instantly drop in value.

California Proposing Major Changes to Buy Here Pay Here Dealers
Buy-Here-Pay-Here dealers are under the legislative microscope in California and it has them rightly worried that their way of doing business may be severely crimped by legislation seeking to exert greater control over the industry.

Buy a Used Car in August 2012
The strength in new car sales may finally be having its influence on the used car market, as prices start to normalize, which could make August 2012 the right time to buy a used car.

Used Car Values Among Discontinued Models
The remnants bin in a bookstore is a good place to pick up a good book at a value and the same is true of discontinued models that manufacturers no longer want to produce and sell. They make strong used car values because prices drop on them quickly.

Fifteen Best Used Car Choices for Smart Buyers
One person's best used car is another person's nightmare but this list of the 15 best used cars by segment manages to hit the mark in many ways for smart buyers.

Now the Best Time To Buy a Used Truck
New research on used truck sales show that supply is starting to drop, which means prices should start to rise, especially as gas prices continue to drop.

November Used Car Sales Show 2011 Shaping Up To Be Strong
It looks like 2011 is shaping up to be a good year for used car sales, in spite of the dire predictions that there is no supply and used car prices are going to shoot through the roof.

2009 Nissan Altima Best Used Hybrid on the Road
The news that Nissan is no longer making its Altima Hybrid is a shame because it's the best used hybrid on the road. The good news is the decision should help lower prices on used Altima Hybrids because people shy away from discontinued models.

Most Reliable Used Crossovers on the Market
J.D. Power and Associates has released its list of the most reliable used crossovers and SUVs to buy from the 2008 model year.

Top 10 Used Cars for Families of 5
Top 10 Used Cars for Families of 5 refers to the fact that this is a list of used cars for people who don’t want to drive an SUV or a minivan. Family life can include a sedan if you don’t want to get trapped in the soccer mom lifestyle of too much vehi

When It Makes No Sense To Buy a Used Pontiac
As this is being written, a lot has been said about the possible demise of Pontiac as a brand by GM as it seeks to streamline its operations and effect a turnaround with federal funds that will put itself back on a course to self sustainability. Well, now could be the worst time to buy a used Pontiac that youre ever going to find, except in one...

Good and Bad Used Saturns
The closing of Saturn by GM means pretty much all you can buy as of October 2009 is a used Saturn because no new ones are being made. So, it seemed like a good time to discuss good used Saturns to buy and bad used Saturns to avoid.

Tips on Finding Great Deals in Used Cars
Want to find a great deal on a used car in this tough economy? Buy the used car that people aren’t looking for. There are comparable makes and models to all the top used cars on the market so I did a little poking around for you and found the best deals on used cars that may not be white hot in desirability. You’ll like them and be glad to...

Photo Gallery of the Top 10 Used Cars
In the market for a used car? Based on my experience reviewing more than 400 cars, trucks and SUVs in the last seven years, here is my list of the Top 10 Used Cars.

Best Deals on Used SUVs and Crossovers

There are always going to be people who need SUVs. Barring exceptional sales offers from manufacturers, there is little reason to buy a new SUV. Depreciation caused by rising fuel prices has created the best deals on used SUVs and crossovers ever.

I’ve done extensive research into the used SUV marketplace in conjunction with Jason Fogelson, About.com’s guide to SUVs, who has comp…

Buying a Used Car from a Defunct or Sold Company
The announcement in June 2008 that Hummer might be sold by GM raises the excellent question. Does it make sense to buy a used Hummer? Does it make sense to buy any used vehicle from a manufacturer that is no longer in business or has switched owners? Oldsmobile would be one example of the former, while Jaguar is an example of the latter. My...

Deal or No Deal: Spotting Great Values and Questionable Offers
Deal or No Deal on this website refers to used cars that are either good or bad values. It will teach you how to spot those values and when to say “Deal” or “No Deal.” Sorry, we can’t help you win a million dollars but we will try to save you more than a few bucks.

Over-Hyped Used Cars with Artificially Higher Prices
There are vehicles on the market that are sound a lot better than they are. What follows are my list of over-hyped used cars that demand an unjustified higher price. (Don’t take it as a condemnation of Pontiac that two of the eight vehicles mentioned are from that manufacturer.) Basically, an over-hyped car is any vehicle that the manufacturer in some way has created false demand for throug…

Used Rental Cars Can Be a Bargain
According to Ricky Beggs, managing editor of Black Book, one segment of the used car market that is off-rental vehicles. You might know them better as former used rental cars to use the less technical term and see them as potential bargains.

Special Editions Don’t Hold Value
This report from CNN.com is a photo gallery of vehicles that were touted as special editions but don’t hold their values. In one example, a special edition Scion had retained 82 percent of its value, while a regular Scion had retained 88 percent of its value.

Ford F-150 60th Anniversary Edition
This is a prime example of a “No Deal” special edition vehicle. Don’t fall for the hype. These are good trucks but don’t get sucked in by marketing ploys. Buy a regular Ford F150 and you’ll be happy.

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