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A Sub-Compact Used Car with Plenty of Room & Pep

Consumer Reports Doesn't Like It, But Neon Has Been Trouble Free


A Sub-Compact Used Car with Plenty of Room & Pep

Sub-compact sedans don't come much better than the 2005 Dodge Neon.

Photo © Dodge

Dodge Neon – We’ve owned one since 2002 and it has given us only a minor trunk latch problem – that I learned how to fix after a frustrating trip to the dealership the first time it malfunctioned. Interestingly, since I fixed it, the problem hasn’t returned and I am not a mechanical person. Anyway, this little four-door sedan, that was discontinued in 2005, proves that sub-compact can still be roomy and sporty to drive.

It’s somewhat depressing to note that Consumer Reports wouldn’t recommend the 2002 model (but that’s OK because we’re going to keep it until it dies). However, it does have good things to say about the 2004 model. That’s the one I would steer your towards. Edmunds.com says you can expect to pay about $5800 for an entry-level model.

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