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Saab 9-5 a Quirky Little Sedan with Strong Sport DNA

Say a Silent Little Prayer That Saab Survives the GM Shakeout


Saab 9-5 a Quirky Little Sedan with Strong Sport DNA

Who knows where Saab will be in 2009, but used Saabs are still an attractive sedan. Check out this quirky sedan and you'll be glad you did.

Photo © GM

Saab 9-5 – I’ve had a love affair with Saab going back to 1987 because it was the first car I ever test drove. It was a delight to drive then and continues to be 21 years later. It makes me sad to hear the news Saab might be shuttered or sold because it means no more sedans like the 9-5. I think its roominess and handling can’t be beat.

Consumer Reports gives good marks to the 2006 model and a slightly better grade for the 2007 edition. Based on what CR says, I would avoid any model before then, especially the 2002 that has the worst possible rating for a used car. Apparently that year Saab could do nothing right. Edmunds.com says a pretty well equipped 9-5 will cost you around $18,000.

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