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Used Cars - How To Inspect Used Cars


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Arrive 20 Minutes Early to a Used Car Inspection
Used Cars - How To Inspect Used Cars

Be 20 minutes early for a used car inspection or used car test drive. It could prevent you from getting ripped off.

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The first step you should take when doing used car inspections was suggested by a reader: get to your appointment 20 minutes early. The early bid not only catches the worm it might catch a used car seller doing something wormy like adding fluids to make an engine or transmission run smoother.

Most dishonest sellers are going to do that type of move within 20 minutes of showing a car. Doing it earlier could cause a fresh leak in the driveway – and you’ll learn later why it’s important to look for telltale leaks on the driveway.

You could also see other moves like moving a license plate from one car to another. You don’t necessarily need to knock on the door 20 minutes early. Just park where you can see the used car you might be buying.

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