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The Right Tools for Buying the Right Used Car

Most people don’t do enough research when it comes time to buy a used car. It’s a shame because it’s become so easy to do thanks to the Internet. Learn the right tools for getting just the right package of options and features on your next used car.

Popular Used Cars with Poor Reliability Records
These popular used cars may have long-term reliability problems. Inspect them closely before purchasing them.

Used Car Sale Prices Increasing for 2014

10 Least Reliable Used Car Brands
10 least reliable used car brands include some surprises like Lexus, BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. Expensive does not always mean more reliable.

Ten Things To Know About CarMax
Ten facts about CarMax as the supersized used car retailer celebrates 20 years in business.

Nissan Altima Most Popular Vehicle at CarMax
A look at the most popular used cars sold and test driven at used car retailer CarMax can help you decide what your next used car is going to be.

Used Car Sales Up But Prices Are Down
Used car sales are up but prices are down in May 2014.

Speedemissions to Offer Safety Recall Data
Speedemissions offers new resource for checking recalls and technical service bulletins.

Never Be a Used Car Sucker
Historical advice on buying a used car from 1942 rings true today.

What Your Used Car Says About You
Your used car says a lot about you.

10 Tips on Buying a Used Pickup Truck
10 tips on buying a used pickup truck.

Older Buyers Fueling Used Car Marketplace
Senior citizens are an excellent source for used cars as their new car buying increases.

10 Used Cars that Are Cheap but Reliable
10 reliable but affordable used cars

Used Car Dealers Making More Money
Used car dealers increasing profits means consumers have more room to haggle on used car prices.

Twenty Long Lasting Used Cars, Trucks, SUVs
Twenty used cars, trucks and SUVs that could hit 200,000 miles

Most Reliable Used Cars for 2011 Model Year
2011 model year used cars are proving to be less reliable than 2010 model year used cars according to J.D. Power research.

Used Car Dealers Had Strong Performance in 2013
2013 was a strong year for used car dealers.

Now Is Prime Time For Tax Refund Used Car Purchases

10 Questions To Ask Buy Here Pay Here Dealers
Questions you need to ask before buying a used car at a buy here, pay here dealership.

Five Bad People To Meet When Buying a Used Car
In spite of having written scores of articles on buying a used car since 2008 for About.com, it never dawned on me to write about five bad people to meet when buying a used car until reading an article on a humor site.

Beware Bait-and-Switch Used Car Advertisements
Dishonest used car dealers will use bait-and-switch advertisements to get you onto the lot.

Hyundai Ranked Best by CarMD in Overall Reliability; Toyota Drops
Best way to measure a used car's reliability is the CarMD annual vehicle health scorecard, which ranks used cars based on repair costs.

The Best Cities and Towns for Used Car Deals

Used Car Sales Good for Consumers in November
Used car prices will see downward progression thanks to a variety of factors says November CNW Market Research report.

Ten Best Certified Pre-Owned Used Cars
Ten best certified pre-owned used cars you can buy in terms of cost and value.

Ten Best Certified Pre-Owned Used Pickups, SUVs, Crossovers
Ten best certified pre-owned used pickuos, SUVs and Crossovers at a great value.

October 2013 Used Car Sales Analysis

Consumer Reports Annual Auto Reliability Rankings

An Improved iseecars.com Website

5 Reasons To Keep or To Sell a Used Car
How to decide when to keep or buy a used car.

Top 25 Most Researched Used Cars for July 2013
Kelley Blue Book, through its website KBB.com, has listed the Top 25 most-researched used cars for July 2013. It's a list dominated at the top by Japanese manufacturers.

BestRide.com Enters Used Car Buying Website Battle
BestRide.com is a new website of GateHouse Media that is seeking to take on Cars.com and AutoTrader as an automotive platform for new and used car buyers.

Used Cars Most Researched for March 2013
The National Automotive Dealers Association Used Car Guide for April 2013 says the most researched used cars for March 2013 came largely from domestic brands, with two-thirds being built by Ford, Chrysler or GM and include icons like the Ford F-150, the Chevy Silverado and the Honda Accord.

Cheapest Places To Buy a Used Car
Looking for the least expensive place in the U.S. to buy a used car from an independent dealer? How about from a franchised dealer? It looks like South Dakota and Michigan are going to be your best bet.

Used Cars in the First Quarter of 2013
A look at the first quarter of 2013 shows lots of opportunities for used car buyers to take advantage of the used car market as spring approaches. It's a great time to be a consumer but with the caveat you need to be a smart shopper.

Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Used Car through Costco
Costco has a certified pre-owned program for used cars that could be worth the price of membership to the warehouse club.

Questions about the Used Car Market in 2013
When it comes to the used car market, few folks know more than Ricky Beggs, managing editor and analyst at Black Book. He and his team closely monitor every used car automobile auction taking place across the country and have a daily pulse on different segments of the market.

Time Right To Buy a Used Car
It's a buyer's market in the used car world with an ever-increasing supply of used cars. Pundits who say there is a shortage of used cars have not been reading the tea leaves that all indicate others.

Camry, F Series Top List of 2012 Best Selling Used Cars
CNW Research is out with its list of the Top Selling Used Cars for 2012 and it's going to surprise nobody that the Ford F Series pickup was once again at the top of the heap. After all, it has resided there for 13 years in a row.

Used Car Sales Hit Highest Mark in Five Years
This will be the best year for used car sales since 2007, according to CNW Market Research and that bodes well for used car buyers going into 2013 with lots of supply and softening prices.

Understanding the Language of Used Pickup Trucks
There's a language peculiar to used pickup trucks that I don't profess to understand but I wanted to help you with if you are in the market for a used truck.

Used Car Sales Figures from 2000 to 2014
CNW Market Research has come out with its projection for used car sales through the 2014 calendar year, as well as providing figures on annual used car sales figures from Calendar Year 2000 through present day.

Top Ten Back to School Used Cars in 2012
In the market for a used car for a new college freshman or high school senior craving his or her first set of wheels? You would do well to consider this top 10 list of back-to-school used cars.

Best Used Cars Coming to Market in 2012
To predict the future, you need to look back, and by looking at the 2009 J.D. Power & Associates APEAL study it's possible to predict what the hottest used cars are going to be in 2012.

Old Used Car or Newer Used Car – Which is Better?
n interesting conundrum when it comes to used cars: is older with low mileage or newer with low mileage a better choice when both cost about the same.

Independent Dealers Where Used Car Deals Are
In the midst of the used car sales increase in 2012, one type of seller will have deals on used cars – the independent dealer.

Best Time For Bad Credit Used Car Purchases
This past Memorial Day weekend demonstrated that now is the right time to purchase a used car, even if you have bad credit.

Used 1984 Corvettes Most Popular Among Thieves
Owners of used 1984 Chevrolet Corvettes should be concerned because they are the most stolen models. Corvette owners living in California should also pay heed.

An Analysis of March 2012 Used Car Sales
Art Spinella of CNW Research in Bradenton, Ore., is one of the top analysts in the used car industry with reports on monthly sales proving invaluable to identifying market trends. His statistics on March 2012 used car sales show where growth will come.

Beware Deceptive Means Dealers Use for Selling Used Cars
The Federal Trade Commission's crack down on five dealerships for deceptive online advertising points to the need to be vigilant when shopping for a used car. There are dishonest dealers out there who will do everything possible to separate you from your hard-earned money.

How To Buy a Used Tesla Roadster
Any new car as soon it rolls off the lot is instantly a used car and such was the case with the Tesla Roadster when it rolled off the lot. Every one of the two-seater electric convertibles is now a used car, which explains why you have to know how to buy a used Tesla, especially as the company prepares to roll out the Model S.

AutoGlance Makes Used Car Buying Simpler
There is yet another used car aggregator website on the Internet that purports to be the easiest way to buy your next used car. The latest iteration is AutoGlance.

Top 10 Selling Used Cars of 2011
Probably the secret to being among the top 10 selling used cars of 2011 is longevity. Cars and pickups – and the list is exclusively cars and pickups – have been on the market in most cases for at least 20 years.

Importing a Used Car and Used Truck from Canada
For those who live along the U.S./Canadian border, it might be tempting to import a used car or used truck from Canada that is being sold at an attractive price, but you need to take certain steps to make sure your used vehicle is right for the U.S. market.

Top 100 Used Cars of Last 10 Years
CarMD has released its list of the Top 100 used cars of the last 10 years for 2011 and there are some surprising names at the top of the list and some that continue to thrive in spite of recent bad press that might indicate otherwise.

U.S. Bank Introduces Buying Service for Used Car Buyers
U.S. Bank has introduced a new auto buying service for both new and used cars that could come in handy for buyers. It focuses on connecting dealers with buyers as well as offering the opportunity for used car financing.

Holiday Shopping Ideas for the Used Car Lovers on Your List
It’s always a conundrum faced every year at the holidays. What gift can I buy for the car nut on my holiday shopping list? Well, car nuts come in many different shapes, sizes and tastes, so here is some advice that I hope meets the needs of most car nuts out there. Plus, most of them will instantly enhance the value of your used car.

Five Questions To Ask Before Buying A Small Used Car
Rising gas prices have compelled some buyers to downsize but keep in mind these five questions to ask before buying a small used car in an attempt to save money and get better fuel economy.

Carsala Offers Used Car Buyers an Alternative To All The Hassles
The following interview was held via email with Tyler Ellston, CEO of Carsala - a website that offers used car buyers an alternative to all the hassles of used car shopping by doing all the grunt work for them. The site has been around since 2008.

Have You Been Ripped Off by a Curbstoner?
Curbstoners are dealers who pose as private sellers. Share your advice with others if you have been in this situation or you are a reformed curbstoner who used to pose as a private seller to avoid issues like warranties and disgruntled customers who wanted their money back.

Beware the “Curbstoner” or Dealers Who Sell Used Cars as …
There are individuals out in the used car marketplace who frequently sell used cars from their front yards in an attempt to look like private sellers even though they are used car dealers.

Hertz Rent2Buy Program a New Way To Buy Used Cars
There’s a new way to buy a used car – and it’s something used car dealers might want to consider with their fleets if they can work out the liability and regulation issues. Hertz Car Rental is selling off its used fleet through its Rent2Buy program

Top 5 Tips for Buying a Used Car in 2010
From the start, 2010 was shaping up to be an interesting year to buy a used car mostly because of the massive Toyota recalls. To paraphrase “Ghost Busters,” up is down, right is left, cats are sleeping with dogs and Toyota has become a pariah. That’s why it is important to know the Top 5 tips (with a bonus one thrown in) for buying a used car in 2010. The conditions are right if you go into…

The Final Statistics on Cash for Clunkers
Cash for Clunkers has come to an end just a little more than a month after it truly kicked off in earnest. The U.S. Department of Transportation has compiled statistics on the program. Here is a look at those statistics, released Aug. 26, 2009, along with a little explanation of what some of it means.

Top 10 Luxury Used Vehicles
Top 10 Luxury Used Vehicles

Top 10 Fuel Efficient Used Cars from 2007
Gas is heading back to $3 a gallon. It might be time to consider trading in your gas guzzler for a more fuel efficient used car. The 2007 model year offered 10 cars that average 29 mpg or better. Most surprisingly, six of the 10 can hold 4 adults comfortably. Plus, in another pleasant surprise, all of these cars get average or better grades from Consumer Reports, except the Kia Rio, which apparen…

Your First Car after Graduation
What was your first car after graduation - either high school or college? My first car after college was a 1972 Ford Pinto with a manual, 4-speed transmission. It was yellow, cost me a week's pay, and it ran great. What memories do you have of your first car? And, if you care to share, did your parents give it to you?

Top 10 Used Car Luxury Deals
This is a great time to be in the market for a luxury used car. Now, stop laughing, it really is. Look back a few years to 2005 and 2006 model years and you’re going to find some strong bargains right now. Let’s face it. These luxury used cars, pickups and SUVs are often second or third vehicles; in effect, disposable sources of income for people who are struggling. With reduced credit availability, people with good credit (or cash) can move up to a luxury used car.

Most Reliable 2005 Used Car Makes and Models
The best way to judge a car’s reliability is to ask people who own one. That’s the reasoning behind the J.D. Power and Associates ranking of the most reliable 2005 vehicles. The top winners were announced in 19 categories. The list has to be taken somewhat with a grain of salt because it lists the BMW X3 as a sedan when it's an SUV, or multi-activity vehicle as J.D. Power refers to t

Fuel Efficient Used Cars from $6000 - $8000
Are you ready to move to a fuel-efficient used car that is reliable, affordable and relatively new? These dozen used cars range from 1996 to 2005 and represent the best of what domestic and foreign manufacturers have to offer. This class of cars includes an absolute sleeper: the 2002 Chevy Prism. Pricing info courtesy of KBB.com. Reliability...

Fuel Efficient Used Cars $10,000-$12,000
Are you ready to move to a fuel-efficient used car that is reliable, affordable and relatively new? These 17 fuel-efficient used cars cost from $10000-$12000 range from 2002 to 2006 and represent the best of what manufacturers offer. A wide variety are represented that should meet your needs. All will comfortably carry 4 adults. Pricing info courtesy of KBB.com. Reliability info from ConsumerRep…

Fuel Efficient Used Cars $8000-$10,000
Are you ready to move to a reliable, affordable and relatively new fuel-efficient used car? These 14 fuel-efficient used cars that cost from $8000-$10000 represent the best of what manufacturers offer. A wide variety are represented that should meet the needs of almost any driver. All will comfortably carry 4 adults. Pricing info courtesy of KBB.com. Reliability info comes from ConsumerReports.or…

Fuel Efficient Cars from $4000 to $6000

In the market for a used car, but stretched a little thin because of the economic times? After all, with a gallon of milk and a gallon of gas both north of $4, and a credit squeeze, it can be tough to buy the car of your dreams. Here is a collection of fuel-efficient cars that won’t give you nightmares. Pricing info courtesy of KBB.com. Reliability info comes from ConsumerReports.org and…

Fuel Efficient Cars from $2000 to $4000
Among those driving SUVs too expensive to fill (or even sell)? Here's some advice: park 'em, cancel the registration and insurance and find something easier on the wallet. Here's what I mean: A 2005 Ford Explorer will use about $3,722 in gas in a year while a 1999 Mercury Tracer will only use $1,922 during the same time frame. In two years you'd pay for it with the money you've saved.

Best Used Cars for College & High School Graduates
If your kid hasn’t beaten you up yet for a car while in high school or college, here are the best used cars for high school graduates as they prepare for college or college graduates as they prepare for the real world. Don’t feel guilty about not buying them a new car. It’s totally unnecessary for young people just starting out to drive a...

Summer Deals a Good Time to Buy a Used Car
When the temperature starts to climb, the sales of used cars by private parties rises. That means summer is a good time to buy a used car but there can be pitfalls.

Hot Used Cars for Summer 2013
Top 10 lists are always popular in the car business and what's a more natural topic as the Summer of 2013 fast approaches than to focus on the Hot Used Cars for Summer 2013.

Used Car Retail Sales Top 40 Million in 2012
012 and that number should grow even higher in 2013, as long as Americans don't feel too much pain from higher taxes and the economy stays strong.

Used Car Auto Auction Volumes Set To Grow in 2013
Auto auction volume is going to increase in 2013, which demonstrates there is an increasing supply in used cars for sale in 2013. That is always a good thing for the consumer when supply grows to exceed demand.

Used Diesel Passenger Vehicles – Best Places To Buy
There's been a surge in diesel car registrations in the last couple years, which means used diesel vehicles are going to be increasing in numbers. It's always a good idea to go where the vehicles are if you looking for the best places to buy a used diesel vehicle.

Follow About Used Cars on Twitter, Facebook
Do you want to keep up on the latest used cars news that comes from About Used Cars? Well, you can follow About Used Cars on Twitter and Facebook if you're a fan of either of those social network sites.

Fourteen Questions about AIM Inspections
Independent inspections are a good way to see if a used car is going to be a good purchase for you. You cannot rely on what the seller tells you about a vehicle. There is a good primer on inspecting a used car on this website but that’s really designed to give you an a strong initial impression of a used car. Independent inspections are a good bet.

More Older Used Cars Sold at Auction in 2012
It's becoming more difficult to purchase a younger used car from an independent used car dealer as more and more older used cars were sold at auction in 2012 than ever before. Don't expect the trend to end anytime soon.

Select a Used Car That Fits Your Needs
The HSBC North America Military Financial Education Center has an excellent set of questions to ponder when it comes time to buy your next used car. It will help you make the mistake others make of buying a vehicle they will use to its full capacity only 1% of the time.

Recalls and Defects
Find out more about models that have been recalled and other defects.

New Cars No Longer Being Produced in 2014

NHTSA Vehicle-Related Theft Info
This info is important when considering a used vehicle. Consider your surroundings before purchasing a car that’s attractive to car thieves.

Office Of Odometer Fraud Investigation
Odometer tampering continues to be a serious crime and consumer fraud issue. In 2002, NHTSA determined this crime allows more than 450,000 vehicles to be sold each year with false odometer readings, milking American car buyers out of more than $1 billion annually.

CarTalk Advisor
This site is geared towards a new car purchase, but it can really help you narrow down your used-car choices. Answer all the questions and see where it takes you. Sure it’s going to recommend a new car, but see if similar used cars are available.

Mannheim Issues 2014 Annual Report on Used Car Market
Mannheim Consulting 2014 used car industry report contains valuable information about the state of used car sales.

End of December Great Time For Buying a Used Car
End of the year a good time to buy used cars as dealers strive to make numbers and supply is good.

10 Affordable Fast Certified Pre-Owned Used Cars
Ten fast, affordable used cars if you have a need for speed but not the money for new.

IntelliChoice.Com Ranks Top Extended Warranty Programs
Top extended used car warranty programs ranked by Intellichoice.com

Most Popular Used Cars for January 2014
Alternative choices for the most popular used cars

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