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Prepping a Used Car for Sale or Trade In


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Clean The Junk in Your Trunk
Prepping a Used Car for Sale or Trade In

Clean out leaves and other debris that can accumulate in a trunk lid or engine opening.

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Got junk in your trunk? Either get rid of it or throw it in your garage.

  • Just like a house shouldn't be cluttered when it's being sold, neither should a car trunk.
  • Make sure the spare tire and jack are where they belong.
  • Rusty jacks should be cleaned and repainted if necessary. (Make sure the paint is dry before a buyer looks at it.)
  • Remove any moisture from the trunk.
  • Don't worry so much about cosmetic problems. Trunks get banged up but that's no excuse for leaving them dirty.
  • Make sure the trunk is clean, especially if you've used it to haul garden and building supplies. A sharp-eyed buyer could find brick dust, for example, and wonder how badly the shocks and struts have been abused while you owned it.
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