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A Used Car's History Can Tell You How It Is Going To Run

It’s impossible to know 100% of a used car’s history – even when buying from somebody you know but a used car's history can tell you how it is going to run. Great tools exist for tracking a car’s background in general as well as a specific vehicle. I will take you step-by-step through a CARFAX report and then show you other great tools for finding out more about a used car's history.

Facts About Salvage Title Values
Facts on when to repair a salvage titled used car and when not to.

Used Car Recall Notices Will Be Soon Available Online
The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has announced that recall information on specific used vehicles will be available in August 2014.

California Bill Would Expand Used Car Buyers Rights
A bill introduced in California should go a long way towards protecting low-income consumers buying used cars against being sold vehicles with known defects.

Revised Hurricane Sandy Numbers for Damaged Used Cars
e National Insurance Crime Bureau has released updated numbers for the used cars damaged by Hurricane Sandy and the statistics demonstrate one thing: be careful buying used cars from New York and New Jersey.

Hurricane Sandy Cars Could Be Used for Parts
There's an interesting occurrence taking place in the wake of flooded and damaged used cars in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The damaged and flooded used cars being sold for scrap and parts.

More than 9 million Vehicles in Superstorm Sandy Areas
More reasons to be leery of possible repercussions from Superstorm Sandy: according to Experian Automotive there are more than 9 million vehicles in the areas most significantly impacted.

Used Car Flood Victims Could Be Scammed
There are no hard and fast figures in yet, but Hurricane Sandy is going to have a short-term impact on used car prices throughout the Northeast. Expect supply to tighten but beware of predatory used car dealers who might prey on flood victims.

Used Scion xB and tC Will Be Great Buys
Recently, it was announced that Scion is discontinuing the xB and tC models. Don't let that discourage you from purchasing either going forward as used cars.

Behind the Scenes at Consumer Reports Auto Testing Facility
Consumer Reports is best known for its rating of new cars. The Consumers Union publication is so influential that 71% of consumers consider its research before buying a new car. It’s the new car recommendations that live on for years and influence used car values and buying habits. Simply put. A used car that is Consumer Reports recommended has...

Used Cars from 2009 Rate High for Dependability
Used cars from 2009 have the most dependability since 1990, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2012 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study. That speaks well for used cars going forward for years to come.

Honda Subject To Many Recalls for Its Used Vehicles
It's not been a great 12 months or so for the Honda brand in the United States, which in 2011 recalled 3.8 million vehicles over 15 different service campaigns. All of those many recalls should give you pause if you're shopping for a used Honda.

Questions About New CarFax Mobile Tool
CarFax has become the go-to choice for most people wanting to do vehicle history reports, which is why its new mobile tool prompted questions about the new service and how it can help consumers.

Texas Has Program To Avoid Used Car Title Problems
Selling a used car in Texas has become a little easier with the creation of Title Check, which provides free background checks for Texas motor vehicle titles.

How To Find One Owner Used Cars
How to find a used car that has only had one previous owner

AAA Announces Top Commuter Vehicle Picks for Commuters
AAA, North America's largest motoring and leisure travel organization with more than 51 million members has put together its list of the top vehicle picks for consumers. I’ve examined the list for you and highlighted some of the pros and cons, as well as adding in what Consumer Reports .

Florida Salvage Title Laws
The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has information on salvage title laws that can be a little intimidating if you’re not familiar with the language. So, I slogged through the laws to help you understand Florida salvage title laws.

State of New York Salvage Title Laws
New York, for some reason, has always struck me as a litigious state with lots and lots of laws on the books. That could explain why the New York Salvage Title laws for its used cars are so thorough.

Tips and Advice on Reading Used Car Vehicle Identification Numbers - VINs
The most important number in a used car is not its price or fuel economy rating. It is its Vehicle Identification Number or VIN, as it is more commonly known. Reading used car vehicle identification numbers will help you know if the used car or truck you are buying has the equipment you think it does.

Oklahoma Salvage Title Laws
The State of Oklahoma administers vehicle titles through the Oklahoma Tax Commission. Oklahoma salvage title laws are pretty good for consumers when compared to other states. Insurance companies may not like them as much.

State of Texas Salvage Title Description
In the State of Texas, vehicle registrations are administered by the Texas Department of Transportation. There are websites out there that are going to direct you to the Department of Public Safety for information on used car salvage titles in Texas. Dont be lead astray because you wont find the answers there.

Understanding State by State Used Car Salvage Laws
A look at the details of the California used car salvage title laws, as well as how to read a used car title.

The 2007 TQI Awards & What They Mean for You
Strategic Vision’s Total Quality Index, or TQI as it is commonly known, is something manufacturers desperately seek out. They want to have the imprint of success hoisted upon them by independent survey companies. The 2007 models are now widely available. Check against this list to see what the original owners thought about the vehicle you may now be considering for purchase.

Top 8 Worst Used Cars, Trucks and SUVs To Insure
Looking for a used car? One of the most important factors to consider is what the used car is going to cost you in terms of insurance coverage. Let’s face it. Some used cars are just more expensive to fix after collisions while others are more popular to steal. You might want to think twice before buying any of the used cars in this galler

Understanding a CarFax Report
The CarFax report has become the gold standard for used car history reports. Understand the different components of it.

CarMD Vehicle Health ScoreCard Good Tool
CarMD.com has a new tool that can help used car owners determine if it's time to sell their used cars before major repairs are due. Called Vehicle Health ScoreCard, it can also help potential used car buyers determine if the car they seek has potential problems ahead.

Oklahoma Tornado Could Mean Massive Used Car Fraud
Out of the ashes of a natural disaster always comes the opportunity for fraud. It happened with Hurricane Katrina, Midwest floods, Superstorm Sandy, and now the massive tornado that struck Moore, Okla., on May 20. The used car market could be severely impacted because of all the destroyed cars.

CarFax.Com the Top Choice for Vehicle Histories
The best known name in vehicle histories for used cars is CarFax.com. Using the unique 17-character vehicle identification number (VIN), a CarFax Report is instantly generated from its database of more than five billion records. The site offers lots of good common-sense advice.

Vehicle History Reports with AutoCheck Score
AutoCheck has a nice feature on its vehicle history reports: a score that compares how other vehicles in this class relate to it. AutoCheck, which is run by Experian, and CarFax are the two big players in vehicle history reports.

State of Ohio Salvage Title Laws Description
In late 2009 and the first half of 2010, massive problems with fraud were uncovered with titles emanating from the State of Ohio. According to a report in the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch, a deputy clerk was fired after being accused of issuing sellable titles for junked autos without the required inspections and state police inspectors found numerous instances notarized title applications had blank …

Used Car Histories Don’t Always Work
This excellent column from The Honolulu Advertiser points out that used car history reports don’t find everything. The most important thing you can do is get an independent inspection. It may have saved the young man who was killed when his airbag didn’t deploy because it wasn’t there.

Start Here To See if It’s Dependable
Money-zine.com has an in-depth list of dependable used cars as determined by J.D. Power and Associates. It’s a good first indication if the car you’re interested in is going to have problems down the road.

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